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Thread: Unofficial build which includes updates prevented by current sourceforge brokenness

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    Default Unofficial build which includes updates prevented by sourceforge brokenness

    This includes the diff file that veracity posted at:
    And the one lost posted at:
    And the one lost posted at:

    EDIT 2015.07.24 - New link with more fixes

    see post #6 of this thread. Thanks veracity & frono !

    EDIT 2015.07.23 - New link with more fixes!sRVFzTCa!xLs7qV...0Clzs-1IrUQkSs

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    Thank you very much!

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    Thank you! This is greatly appreciated.

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    Here is another build which includes lost's most recent regex update. See:

    jar link:!sRVFzTCa!xLs7qV...0Clzs-1IrUQkSs

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    In case you are interested, here is my cumulative .diff, which includes what I posted before, lost's most recent regexp update, and a couple of other bug fixes (all of which affect me personally ) - support for variable-priced conditional items in the Swagger Shop, and a fix to out-of-Ronin pulling to make it actually obey the quantity that you tell it to pull; since I intentionally keep almost everything in Storage for PVP purposes, it annoys me (!) when I tell KoLmafia to pull 1 of something so I can consume or craft it, and KoLmafia decides to pull all of the item, requiring me to closet the remainder.

    Here is the commit note, for when sourceforge finally restores our repository; according to their previous posted timetable, they've done everything that they intended to do before working on SVN, so it should be Any Day Now. Maybe. Obviously, if someone submits some of this before I can, I'll trim the note...

    Add new foods resulting from the Pastapocalypse. Change size, quality, and
    level requirement of some existing foods. Change checkitems to check quality
    and size of consumables, rather than just level requirement. When we generate
    the consumables line while registering a new consumable, the note is "Unspaded"
    Add a status effect and fix effect granted by antique bottle of cough syrup.
    Add four (obsolete) monsters that have returned from the dead via the DoEC.
    Fix 11 monster ids, as reported by Manuel, thanks to ckb.
    Unidentified items in storage cannot be discovered via api.php
    When you tell KoLmafia to pull N of an item, pull exactly N, not all of it.
    Look for "Desert exploration" to decide if you've successfully explored, rather
    than assuming every fight in the desert counts; clingy follow-on fights don't.
    lost's regexp changes so that native inline item descriptions no longer screw up
    our idea of equipment
    Handle variable priced conditional Swagger Shop items
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    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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    I built with Veracity's patches above. Tested it just enough to see it runs. No character have turns left today. Link below to jar file. Will remove file once SourceForge is back or alternative is implemented.
    Well, thank you.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

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