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Thread: Tattoos.ash - Updated

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    Post Tattoos.ash - Updated


    I have updated this script. I am very much a newb at ash programming.

    The subversion info:

    Original script from:,5...9.html#msg2569 - 19 October 2006
    Updated by Hippymon 13 November 2007
    Updated by Raven434 - 2009-02-13

    There are 49 outfit based tattoos now, up from Hippymon's last update of 38.

    Data obtained from
    New tat #10 added in
    Modded - there is no #13 listed in the outfits_by_number page

    I need to account for there be no entry 13 in the table, due to Jick. LOL
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    Just a small tip. You could leave out entry 13 in the table if you used

    void get_tats_main(){
    	foreach key in Tat;
    That would only match keys that you actually use. Hence, if you deleted Tat[13].gear it would work perfectly.

    Or else you could do this:

    void get_tats_main(){
    	for a from 1 upto 49
    		if(a != 13) get_tats(a);
    Not that there's anything wrong with your code. I just thought I'd show you a couple of things since you say that you're a newb.
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    another small tip would be to have visit_url outside of the loop, no need to request the page each time, easiest way would be..
    void get_tats_main(){
    	string html = to_lower_case(visit_url("account_tattoos.php"));
    	foreach key in Tat {
    		if (contains_text(html, to_lower_case(Tat[key].Img))) {
    			if (have_outfit(Tat[key].gear)) {
    			} else print(Tat[key].gear + " is incomplete."); 
    also making sure everything is in lower case helps avoid case-sensitivity, "Dnatat.gif" wasnt being detected as the page has "dnatat.gif"

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    Thanks for both tutorials!

    I'll make the updates.


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    Another option for skipping 13 is continue:

    for a from 1 to 49 {
       if (a == 13) continue;
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    Does something like this exist that doesn't try to get tattoos you already have? This changed outfits and visited the artist a bunch of times and didn't get me any missing tattoos.

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    Found a small bug:

    Tat[7].gear = "eXtreme-Cold Weather gear";
    Should be:
    Tat[7].gear = "eXtreme Cold-Weather gear";
    The hyphen seems to be in the wrong spot, causing this outfit check to fail.

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    I fixed the script to:

    use a map from outfit name to tattoo gif file name
    fixed some typos
    made it only hit the server once
    had it checkpoint your current outfit iff you were going to actually unlock a new tattoo
    report which outfits you needed for tattoos you couldn't get yet
    include all 56 tattoos known to date
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    Default updated tattoo script

    Since I've found it a big pain to check all my tattoos (instead of just the outfit ones), I've made significant changes to the base script in this thread to now check against all known tattoos. A couple things it does:

    -Only hits the server once to grab the tattoo page
    -Checks against all outfit, class, ascension, and misc tattoos (except for the few 1 off specialized tattoos given to certain players)
    -Checks the 'level' of your hobo tattoo if present
    -Provides a complete, color coded listed of haves vs. missing
    -Provides a summary of total number have vs missing

    Note it DOES NOT automatically try to put on outfits and visit the artist like the previous versions do. This script is purely for informational purposes.

    The tattoos are hardcoded into the script unfortunately, so we'll need to update it as new outfits are released.

    Hope everyone finds this as helpful as I do!

    Version 1.0
    Version 1.1 - fixed summary total error
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    Default Updated 5-11-2010

    I can cut&paste with the best of em. :-)

    Tattoo original script updated with the latest outfit list.
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