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    Default Version 16.4

    The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

    If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

    Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

    For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

    Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

    Revision: 13934
    Island Decorator now uses meat drop for dirty thieving brgand from the monster

    Revision: 13935
    Arena parameters for Putty Buddy

    Revision: 13936
    Remove the method of acquiring Slicked-Back Do to remove some issues with the effect and intrinsic not being recognized as separate

    Revision: 13937
    Fix the Oily Woim effect in CoT/bjorn

    Revision: 13938
    When using a skill book, instead of checking for multiple possible failure methods, check for success

    Revision: 13939
    Fix a few data file entries

    Revision: 13940
    The Spooky Gravy Barrow -> The Spooky Gravy Burrow

    Revision: 13941
    Some initial Spring Break support

    Revision: 13942
    More Spring Break stuff.

    Revision: 13943
    Added three Pastaco recipes/items.

    Revision: 13944
    Added three skills

    Revision: 13945
    7 more recipes/items

    Revision: 13946
    Support including messages with curse items. Collect anticheese during breakfast if it is available.

    Revision: 13947
    When you get Beach Bucks from Yachtzee! you give up all of your moist beads

    Revision: 13948
    Add some Spring Break Beach content

    Revision: 13949
    More Spring Break Beach items

    Revision: 13950
    Cinco de Mayoween drinks, Brogre Brouture, Ultimate Mind Destroyer

    Revision: 13951
    Fix some multiuse flags, add an item

    Revision: 13952
    Recognize when the Break Time! register is empty and stop automation

    Revision: 13953
    Yachtzee! won't take more than 100 beads

    Revision: 13954
    Added some missing Spring Break Items. Some Spring Break skillbook support. Recognise learing Transcendent Olfaction.

    Revision: 13955
    Spring Break Beach Coinmasters added.

    Revision: 13956
    Fix typo in choice spoiler

    Revision: 13957
    Fix some plurals and multiusability flags

    Revision: 13958
    Break Time! has a new option

    Revision: 13959
    Underwater-only stuff works in The Sunken Party Yacht

    Revision: 13960
    Fix the previous commit

    Revision: 13961
    giant motorcycle boots are single equip

    Revision: 13962
    Sloppy Seconds Diner is not The Sunken Party Yacht

    Revision: 13963
    Yolo™ chocolates is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not but thinks otherwise now.

    Revision: 13964
    Add support for using Shrap and Volcanometeor Showeruption against Dad Sea Monkee

    Revision: 13965
    Added default goals for Spaaace.

    Revision: 13966
    Corrupted stardust and pixel orbs use the same counter, so track them both with _corruptedStardustUsed. Sweet tooth gives +1 stomach capacity. The Sunken Party Yacht has underwater penalties.

    Revision: 13967
    Some Spookyraven stuff - LOADS still to come

    Revision: 13968
    More spookyraven

    Revision: 13969
    More spookyraven, hopefully avoid debug errors in Bedroom with Ghost Key.

    Revision: 13970
    Haunted Laundry Room

    Revision: 13971
    Some more items, plus Haunted Boiler Room

    Revision: 13972
    Most of what's needed for the stat gain change

    Revision: 13973
    Recognize Slow and Steady

    Revision: 13974
    Spookraven stuff

    Revision: 13975
    spookyraven quest items

    Revision: 13976
    Recognize when you can't use older stuff. This isn't used for anything yet.

    Revision: 13977
    more spookyraven quest items

    Revision: 13978
    restore cactuary

    Revision: 13979
    Correctly add New Location link to multiple unlocked locations in same zone

    Revision: 13980
    Add is_unrestricted( item/familiar/skill/string ) to see if something can be used

    Revision: 13981
    Block the use of items/familiars/etc in the current challenge path

    Revision: 13982
    Lots of Spookyraven monsters have changed Atk/Def/HP.
    Add lastSpookyravenLightsOut, nextSpookyravenStephenRoom and
    nextSpookyravenElizabethRoom settings.

    Revision: 13983
    full-length mirror is a semirare. Add search strings to recognize Lights Out
    progress in three locations.

    Revision: 13984
    Food/booze/spleen give 0 adventures in Slow and Steady

    Revision: 13985
    Fix quest log parsing. At some point the quest log html changed slightly, breaking some quest parsing. Hopefully this fixes it. Also fix to parsing Manor completion. There is a KoL bug with MacGuffin header text on Completed Quest page (%playername rather than actually showing player name), which I've reported.

    Revision: 13986
    Sometimes Miscellaneous Quests are Other Quests, cope with that. Also change in name of Sea Monkee's quest.

    Revision: 13987
    Lets try a fix that works, shall we ?

    Revision: 13988
    Start tracking elemental planes quests, Hidden Temple quest, Spookyraven Babies quest, from quest log. Only have the finished text, if you have the started text, please report it in the bug report forum and I'll add it. Elemental planes quests don't reset on ascension (untested).

    Revision: 13989
    Add doll-eye amulet

    Revision: 13990
    Track Pool Skill modifiers on items and effects. Add link to "You Gain some Levels" (untested)

    Revision: 13991
    Remove screwdriver at the right stage of the untinker quest (untested).

    Revision: 13992
    Ghast Iron Gear outfit

    Revision: 13993
    Try to fix untinker quest properly. Added two semi-rare monsters.

    Revision: 13994
    Using the mortar-dissolving recipe doesn't get rid of it. Getting the wine bomb destroys the unstable fulminate.

    Revision: 13995
    KoL explicitly labels certain links following a fight as "againlink"

    Revision: 13996
    Get turnsplayed from charpane and api and make available in total_turns_played()
    (turns_played() continues to be turnsthisrun)

    Revision: 13997
    sugar fairy is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not. Fixed that.

    Revision: 13998
    have_familiar() now returns false if you are not allowed to use the familiar. Recall skills at the end of a Slow and Steady run. End of run items for Slow and Steady.

    Revision: 13999
    Track Beach Buck visits in Diner as _sloppyDinerBeachBucks. If you've got all you can get today, skip instead of abort when automating. Possessed sugar cube concoctions added.

    Revision: 14000
    Black Forest support. Doesn't include clues about Black Mass, if there is a way to survive it. Doesn't have a stop condition for opening Black Market. Does detect Black Market being opened text and sets questL11MacGuffin to step one if it isn't further than that (also does this when visiting Black Market).

    Revision: 14001
    Some food/booze spading.

    Revision: 14002
    Fitness Giant drops giant gym membership card

    Revision: 14003
    Fix Rotting Matilda - Thanks Primogenitor

    Revision: 14004
    Update library non-combat choices for new Haunted Library

    Revision: 14005
    Don't crash out with an error if you had open second floor as options in library on load. Some (partial) quest tracking additions (questL11Shen, questL11Ron, questM18Swamp, questM19Hippy.

    Revision: 14006
    Some improved/fixed early quest tracking - Larva, Rats, Bats.

    Revision: 14007
    Support for the new Louvre

    Revision: 14008
    Add ASH item.combat_reusable proxy field. The item.reusable field now applies
    only to using an item outside of combat.

    Revision: 14009
    Fix a few typos in Louvre spoilers or logged encounter names

    Revision: 14010
    Add Stephen/Elizabeth Spookyraven, some Myst guild quest tracking, Salsa Satanica.

    Revision: 14011
    Lots of power and autosell updates

    Revision: 14012
    Quest tracking for Lady Spookyraven's Necklace quest. Adds preference manorDrawerCount to track Drawers checked, and preference poolSkill to track skill learned in Pool non-combat. Adds command "poolskill" which shows your current estimated pool skill, based on current spading on the mechanics. ie. Pool Skill = drunkenness up to 10, -2 for each drunkenness over 10, +1 for each time you've met the pool shark semi-rare up to 10 times, plus bonuses from equipment/effects, plus training in current ascension. The quest log in KoL doesn't show semi-rare or drunkenness portion.

    Revision: 14013
    Track Spookyraven Dance quest. Completed Spookyraven Necklance and Dance quests vanish from completed log when the later quests are started, so mark them complete if the later quest is started.

    Revision: 14014
    Spookyraven Babies quest tracking.

    Revision: 14015
    Fix a few spoiler labels for the Louvre

    Revision: 14016
    Recognise failure to cast Spaghetti Breakfast. Track Hippy Quest.

    Revision: 14017
    Add "spookyraven" command. Use "spookyraven on" to track Lights Out all the time.

    Revision: 14018
    Billiard Room pool balls are slightly better now

    Revision: 14019
    Fix errors revealed by checkitems

    Revision: 14020
    Crashed Space Ship items/skills/familiar

    Revision: 14021
    Arena parameters for Twitching Space Critter, thanks to BDrag0n.
    Adventure zones for spaceship event.

    Revision: 14022
    space junk is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not - Fixed that but have not tested fix.

    Revision: 14023
    Properly predict sombrero stats

    Revision: 14024
    Fix output from the "spookyraven" command

    Revision: 14025
    Ouija Board, Ouija Board allows turtle tamer buffs

    Revision: 14026
    Recognize failure to eat a hot dog from the stand due to being full

    Revision: 14027
    Fix outfits.txt entry

    Revision: 14028
    Add some Twitch Stream stuff (monsters mainly). I got an Ultimate Mind Destroyer! And so, add tracking for Buff Jimmy quests and Ultimate Mind Destroyer support. Added buffJimmyIngredients preference to track number of ingredients found. The other quests use physical items.

    Revision: 14029
    Set flyeredML to 10000 at end of war, regardless of whether Arena quest was completed or not. Should hopefully stop flyering being suggested in aftercore.

    Revision: 14030
    Better flyeredML fix. Add QuestDatabase.isQuestFinished(). Correct bad monsters.txt entry.

    Revision: 14031
    Add Shadow Avatar of Sneaky Pete as a variant of Your Shadow

    Revision: 14032
    The Noob Cave -> Noob Cave
    The Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) The Orcish Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age)
    Fix spaces that should be tabs in consequences.txt for the various versions
    of Lumpy, the Sinister Sauceblob

    Revision: 14033
    Fix typos.

    Revision: 14034
    Check Familiars are allowed before considering adding to Backpack (untested). You can't take government apart.

    Revision: 14035
    Fix typo in modifiers.txt

    Revision: 14036
    Unleash the Greash, Shovel Hot Coal, Pull Voice Box String added.

    Revision: 14037
    Track Steam Card and Thinknerd Package drops (_steamCardDrops, _thinknerdPackageDrops)

    Revision: 14038
    Tracking for the rest of the Spring Break Beach quests. New preferences (tacoDanCocktailSauce, tacoDanFishMeat, brodenBacteria and brodenSprinkles) to track progress that isn't related to items dropping.

    Revision: 14039
    Remove quest items when you hand in Spring Break quests (unverified)

    Revision: 14040
    Fix bjorn using restricted familiars, and have_familiar() reporting that restricted familiars are available

    Revision: 14041
    Quest log entry for Buff Jimmy's Cheeseburger

    Revision: 14042
    Methinks the Protesters Doth Protest Too Little is either a clover adventure or a semirare. Track it appropriately.

    Revision: 14043
    Some twitch event plurals

    Revision: 14044
    More plurals

    Revision: 14045
    Last quest log note for Spring Break Beach

    Revision: 14046
    Government is not a drink

    Revision: 14047
    Fix a couple of items.
    Refactor to make it easier for "checkitems" and "checkeffects" to compare the
    modifiers from the description with what we have in modifiers.txt.
    We don't make that comparison, yet, but it should be possible to code it now.

    Revision: 14048
    Don't run after-adventure scripts after combats that lead directly into noncombats

    Revision: 14049
    Fix maximizer behavior when pullable/buyable is selected

    Revision: 14050
    Stats for Spookyraven bosses

    Revision: 14051
    Read ASH files in UTF-8

    Revision: 14052
    Equip requirement changed on blackberry galoshes

    Revision: 14053
    When reading ASH scripts, skip Unicode BOM characters at start of lines

    Revision: 14054
    Adjust minimum and maximum stat gains from a sombrero

    Revision: 14055
    Added some familiar items for new familiar. Raveosity and Clownosity now default to -tie in maximizer. Surgeonosity added as a default and is treated as a normal modifier now, as a set is not required.

    Revision: 14056
    Add familiar and equipment.

    Revision: 14057
    Add Lit Up effect. Update maximizer help to remove surgeonosity as a special case.

    Revision: 14058
    Prevent AdventureRequest.registerEncounter from logging the last "adventure" if
    the last URL wasn't really an adventure.

    Revision: 14059
    A recipe

    Revision: 14060
    Back out my last submit. Nuts.

    Revision: 14061
    Two recipes

    Revision: 14062
    Two more Grill items.

    Revision: 14063
    Galloping Grill in Throne/Bjorn modifier

    Revision: 14064
    Your own black heart also restores full health.

    Revision: 14065
    Corrected output of poolskill command based on current spading of semi-rare.

    Revision: 14066
    Initial Pyramid Support - largely untested

    Revision: 14067
    Tracking for middle chamber, lower chamber, control room unlocks ( non-combat recognition untested). Moved a load of quest related code on combat win from FightRequest to QuestManager.

    Revision: 14068
    Only show link to Control room on Tomb Ratchet and Crumbling Wheel once unlocked.

    Revision: 14069
    11th anniversary stuff

    Revision: 14070
    Added some success messages to check for skill uses.

    Revision: 14071
    Track Hot Ashes drops (_hotAshesDrops)

    Revision: 14072
    You can use a boring binder clip in Bees Hate You

    Revision: 14073
    Show hot ashes drop count in daily deeds and character pane

    Revision: 14074
    Better quest tracking of Spookyraven quests, including Lady Spookyraven conversations. Some locations validated before autoadventuring based on quest status. Spookyraven quests update based on browser visits to the manor also.

    Revision: 14075
    Detect access to Spring Break Beach. sleazeAirportAlways preference is set when you use the charter document (set it to true manually to save future server hits if you've already done so). _sleazeAirportToday preference is set whenever KoL notices it is available, when you use a ticket, or if you try to adventure there it'll check if that plane is available at the airport, and set it if so.

    Revision: 14076
    Fixed quest tracking (hopefully) for Goblin King, Friars and Trapper. Extremity now tracked (currentExtremity). Possible fix for quest status detection for some spring beach quests, as I think ResultProcessor.gainItem() is hit before inventory increments.

    Revision: 14077
    Fix Highlands quest tracking.

    Revision: 14078
    government is not multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was AND liquid smoke is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not have been corrected.

    Revision: 14079
    little black book modifier, airplane charter plural

    Revision: 14080
    Ash soda is now multiusable

    Revision: 14081
    Fix stupid error in L9 quest tracking

    Revision: 14082
    Update quest text for L9 quest.

    Revision: 14083
    Fix typo, peels out has an 's'

    Revision: 14084
    Update some messages for killing frat boys during the war so they don't match messages from the Galloping Grill

    Revision: 14085
    Remove the Chalky Hand warning in The Haunted Billiards Room

    Revision: 14086
    Added effect durations for wads to modifiers.txt

    Revision: 14087
    and Prismatic

    Revision: 14088
    Unlock middle chamber if you are already adventuring there in relay browser, and haven't hit pyramid.php. Hit handleQuestChange on a redirect (eg adventure is a fight) to allow this sort of check.

    Revision: 14089
    Add White Citadel changes, improved tracking of Meatcar and White Citadel quests.

    Revision: 14090
    Cola Battlefield locations are listed under Rift rather than plains, so show Choice Adventure options under Rift rather than Plains so they appear when Battlefield locations selected.

    Revision: 14091
    When stocking the hot dog stand from storage, remove items from storage instead of from inventory

    Revision: 14092
    Don't provide a link to use a (now unusable) tomb ratchet when you get an ancient bronze token or ancient bomb

    Revision: 14093
    When auto-adventuring in Wine Cellar, don't choose a random corener to go to
    since the Wine Cellar no longer has corners.
    If Mayor Zapruder hasn't told you to go after Felonia yet, KoL won't let you
    go in to the Burrow. Attempting to do so is not an encounter.

    Revision: 14094
    Sommelier Bounty is at the new Wine Cellar, combat rate in Whitey's Grove is now 85%, drop rate of white page is 5%.

    Revision: 14095
    Only 13 corks required for bounty after wine cellar change.

    Revision: 14096
    Update the recipe for making a talisman o' nam from snakehead charrrms

    Revision: 14097
    Remove black market map handling. Auto-craft the blackbird or crow when you have both pieces.
    When both copperhead charm pieces drop, use that recipe for the Talisman o' Nam and auto-craft it.

    Revision: 14098
    Don't auto-create the copperhead talisman if you already have the snakehead talisman

    Revision: 14099
    Can meatpaste a picture of you. Am guessing it's not untinkerable, though wiki doesn't relate.

    Revision: 14100
    Replace hardcoded adventure IDs with constants. No functional change.

    Revision: 14101
    bowl of marinade now correctly marked as multiusable.

    Revision: 14102
    Display special KoL announcements from the login page

    Revision: 14103
    Picture of You CAN be untinkered

    Revision: 14104
    Don't display login page announcements more than once per day

    Revision: 14105
    Reset global _ settings daily

    Revision: 14106
    Haunted Gallery is now on second floor of Manor.

    Revision: 14107
    Fix Zombie Brackets (unverified)

    Revision: 14108
    Fix some powers. getting/losing warbear whosits updates coinmaster

    Revision: 14109
    Fix demon summoning

    Revision: 14110
    You lose cheesebuger receipe when you finish buff jimmy's diner quest.
    Add powers for other off-hand quest items.

    Revision: 14111
    Fix a few equip requirements and autosell prices

    Revision: 14112
    Some Twitch Event stuff (still watching the replay of last night's twitchstream so there will be changes to come)

    Revision: 14113
    The Neandermall

    Revision: 14114
    More twitchy stuff

    Revision: 14115
    A few more minor bits of twitchy goodness.

    Revision: 14116
    Fix typo on D Roll, Arena stats for Fossil.

    Revision: 14117
    Arena parameters for Galloping Grill

    Revision: 14118
    Quest tracking for Level 10 and some Level 11 quests (Palindome, Spookyraven, Shen Copperhead, Ron Copperhead, Black Market) quests improved and should read new quest log entries.
    Added questL11Black to track the new Black Market quest.
    Added zeppelinProtestors to track protestors removed.
    Some step positions in existing quest tracking changed, which may affect scripts that use them. Hopefully I caught those occasions. The quest text should now be updated.

    Revision: 14119
    Image missing for Fossil skill.

    Revision: 14120
    Put Gallery choices on second floor of Manor.

    Revision: 14121
    Missed a step in Level 10 quest, also added some missing quest log text.

    Revision: 14122
    Update L10 quest correctly on choice adventures.

    Revision: 14123
    Level 11 Hidden City Quest tracking. Added four new quest entries to handle the new, temporary hidden city quests (questL11Curses, questL11Business, questL11Doctor, questL11Spare).

    Revision: 14124
    Pyramid/Desert quest log tracking. Attempt to set unlocks based on quest states.

    Revision: 14125
    Fix the check for the Palindome showing up in the Plains

    Revision: 14126
    Do not advance Worship quest when you unlock Hidden Temple unless it is started. If you start it after Hidden Temple is unlocked, advance it straight away.

    Revision: 14127
    Improve quest detection. Considers quests that end with /blockquote. Checks for parsed titles including quest title, not the other way around, this prevents Evilometer 'hiding' the quest that follows it.

    Revision: 14128
    Add mafia function QuestDatabase.QuestLaterThan that takes a quest as the first parameter. Use it in many places to increase code clarity (in my opinion).

    Revision: 14129
    Allow user to request a fax from Easyfax and Faustbot, in addtion to FaxBot, on
    the FaxRequestFrame.

    Revision: 14130
    Fix function isQuestFinished.

    Revision: 14131
    Detect whitelist failures for Faustbot and Easyfax

    Revision: 14132
    Option for Lights Out choice adventures now available (choice option displays in ManoRevision 1 locations), sets preference lightsOutAutomation (0 is default, display in browser, 1 is automate/put arrows in the relay browser on correct options, 2 is always skip). Not 100% tested as I ran out of adventures, so use with caution first day!
    Tracking for Untinker quest log entries.

    Revision: 14133
    Correct detection on lights out choice decision for Library.

    Revision: 14134
    Fix a Lights Out typo.

    Revision: 14135
    Swamp and Swamp quest support, including Choice Adventures, automation of Swamp Navigation, quest log entries, tracking of unlocked zones.

    Revision: 14136
    Fix using "2 Love Me, Vol. 2"

    Revision: 14137

    Revision: 14138
    Add ASH and CLI support for other faxbots. These commands will check each bot and use the first one that has the specified monster/command.

    Revision: 14139
    faxbot CLI command and ASH function skip bots that are not currently online
    Ignore case when sorting available monsters in faxbot lists.
    Since every monster from Easyfax is in category None, do not make a category
    list for that name, since you can see everything in the All Monsters list

    Revision: 14140
    I'm convinced. Default for lights out is to highlight right answer in relay browser/automate. Hopefully this will help someone.

    Revision: 14141
    Don't log bogus Adventure when refreshing session.

    Revision: 14142
    Make EatItemRequest multiuse munchie pills correctly.

    Revision: 14143
    Finishing desert marks Quest.DESERT complete, not Quest.PYRAMID to step11, in line with current quest log.

    Revision: 14144
    Correctly encode unicode characters in Preference strings, as specified by
    Java's Properties class.
    Don't throw an exception trying to do simple line wrapping for an alert box if
    there is a stretch of 80 characters with no spaces in it.

    Revision: 14145
    "step4", not "step 4"

    Revision: 14146
    Don't send mafia into an error state when redirecting to a zone (eg using Grimstone mask and getting redirected to Skid Row).

    Revision: 14147
    Track combat turns with Grimstone Golem and show in Character Pane.

    Revision: 14148
    Fix plural

    Revision: 14149
    Allow a faxbot command to be sent using the CLI command without matching the case that the bot specifies, since all of the bots are case-insensitive

    Revision: 14150
    Hollow Leg

    Revision: 14151
    Added two new effects for the Speakeasy drinks. Added Familiar Damage and Gear Drop as supported modifiers.

    Revision: 14152
    A singular plural

    Revision: 14153
    Fix typo

    Revision: 14154
    Maximizer will now suggest Hot Dogs if they are useful and you have room for them.

    Revision: 14155
    Initial Speakeasy support. Item adventure/stat gain still needs spading.

    Revision: 14156
    Adventure gain for Lucky Lindy. Hopefully fix typo in resetting Fortune Cookie counter, needs testing.

    Revision: 14157
    Maybe this fixes Lucky Lindy parsing.

    Revision: 14158
    Fix Lucky Lindy properly this time. Add Sockdollager

    Revision: 14159
    Properly account for Hollow Leg in all paths

    Revision: 14160
    Naughty Sorceress Quest tracking - Note that there are many more steps tracked than there were, so if you use questL13Final in scripts you'll want to revise it. On the plus side, you can now know exactly which tower familiars have already been defeated. Should correctly identify your shadow (untested). Tracking is partially tested. Also a plural added and some fullness spading.

    Revision: 14161
    Added Fire Inside, Clan Speakeasy, a couple of old items

    Revision: 14162
    Some consumption spading. Some stat gain is a little speculative, but will adjust if necessary. Any help welcomed as always for spading.

    Revision: 14163
    Some Speakeasy fixes.

    Revision: 14164
    Partial fix for Bladeswitcher disarm move.

    Revision: 14165
    Some more consumption spading.

    Revision: 14166
    update ultra-rare monster data

    Revision: 14167
    Fix a typo

    Revision: 14168
    I think this update should log, to GCLI and Session log "Detective Skull Yellow Word found: " and the found word. Unverified.

    Revision: 14169
    Highlight finding a speakeasy word in the cli blue. Now also finds words from using fat stacks of cash against copperhead bartender and using 64735 scroll.

    Revision: 14170
    Log clan as well as speakeasy words found. Also some item spading.

    Revision: 14171
    A few more consumption details

    Revision: 14172
    fix a few things from checkpowers and checkitems

    Revision: 14173
    Refactor faxbot internal data to have a map from monster name to Monster and a
    map from command to Monster. Initial support for letting faxbot command take a
    partial string.

    Revision: 14174
    Handle trying to drink speakeasy drink during high school. Some more consumption spading.

    Revision: 14175
    Don't show speakeasy drinks in the Item Manager -> Booze in paths where they can't be consumed

    Revision: 14176
    Rearrange initialization of monster maps for faxbots to be more sensible; build
    them when constructing initial monster lists, not when building category lists.

    Revision: 14177
    Make maximizer show hot dogs again. Maximizer only shows hot dogs if not Jarlsberg or Zombie, and only shows speakeasy drinks if not Jarlsberg or in High School.

    Revision: 14178
    Extra space in yellow word pattern.

    Revision: 14179
    I think that's all consumables now up to date?

    Revision: 14180
    Don't produce error message if skip selected for Hidden Park, Hidden Office or Hidden Apartment Choice Adventures.

    Revision: 14181
    spooky music box mechanism is a (spookyraven only) banisher. Defaults added for new Fall/Rise non-combats in Library.

    Revision: 14182
    Recognise end of Rat quest in KOLHS.

    Revision: 14183
    "checkitems" command now compares enchantments from item description with
    known modifiers and logs differences.
    Fix many modifier errors revealed by this.

    Revision: 14184
    There is both item "industrial strength starch" and effect "Industrial Strength
    Starch". We can't handle that, for now.

    Revision: 14185
    Pyramid reburied.

    Revision: 14186
    Fix some effect modifiers based on checkeffects

    Revision: 14187
    When you get recipe: mortar-dissolving solution, automatically use it, equipping Lord Spookyraven's spectacles if you have them

    Revision: 14188
    Be fancier when checking effects & items. Recognize a few more effects
    (Slime Resistance and Supercold Resistance and Bast STAT Limiters) from
    the description.

    Revision: 14189
    soup up modifier checking a bit more. Fix a few bad modifiers.

    Revision: 14190
    Remove element ordering from modifier comparator; depend on "resistance to all"
    simply generating the modifiers in the expected order.

    Revision: 14191
    More tweaking of modifier checking.

    Revision: 14192
    Now that Food and Booze list Effect/Effect Duration in their description,
    checkitems will parse modifiers for those classes of items.
    modifiers.txt now has a Foods section and a Boozes section.
    Properly recognize Duration: 1 Adventure

    Revision: 14193
    Use underscores instead of camel case field names for svn_info ASH function

    Revision: 14194
    Increment Smile of Mr A tracking according to the number of casts.

    Revision: 14195
    When checking modifiers, actually put description modifiers first, in the
    order they appear in the description, followed by additional hand-added
    modifers, in the order they appear.
    Add hot dogs to Foods section and speakeasy drinks to Boozes section

    Revision: 14196
    Refactor several methods that individually split apart and munged modifer
    strings to use new Modifier and ModifierList classes.

    Revision: 14197
    Fix malformed modifer text for Yearbook Club Camera and Fam:Mini-Adventurer

    Revision: 14198
    Modifier value can be null, so don't take an NPE when evaluating it.

    Revision: 14199
    A few new turtles, Fortunate Resolve spaded modifiers.

    Revision: 14200
    Another turtle

    Revision: 14201
    More turtles

    Revision: 14202
    Only remove one white page when using it.

    Revision: 14203
    Registering casting of 0 MP spells shouldn't assume that only 1 is ever cast.

    Revision: 14204
    modifier keys are no longer canonicalized before being looked up.
    Add modifier for "industrial strength starch"
    Fix typo in usage for turtle pheremones and add modifier for it

    Revision: 14205
    A couple more turtle shells.

    Revision: 14206
    Another Turtle

    Revision: 14207
    When per Full (per drunk, per spleen) is selected, show stat gain per full (per drunk, per spleen) as well as adventures. It doesn't add /full (etc) after mus, myx or mox for space reasons. Hopefully this means things will sort in slowcore by stat per unit (I'm not in it so cannot test) which should be more useful.

    Revision: 14208
    More turtles.

    Revision: 14209
    Show adventure and soulsauce cost in skill casting panel (also shows swagger for Summon Annoyance, but not the specific amount, as we don't track the number of times the skill is bought).
    Show adventure, mp and soulsauce cost in maximizer. (Is Gong the only item the use of which to get a buff costs adventures?)

    Revision: 14210
    Check Mirror and Recruit Zombie also cost 1 adventure.

    Revision: 14211
    food, booze, and spleen items in fullness.txt, inebriety.txt, and spleenhit.txt
    now have the same capitalization as KoL itself uses for them.

    Revision: 14212
    capitalize Micromicrobrewery offerings correctly

    Revision: 14213
    When logging new food or booze items, keep item name capitalization intact in
    the line that will go into fullness.txt or inebriety.txt

    Revision: 14214
    Show how much swagger Summon Annoyance will cost in the skill casting panel

    Revision: 14215
    Fix familiar modifier parsing

    Revision: 14216
    Fix other uses of getModifiers that added a type: string to the front where the case of Type was wrong. Removed fameq: from a check as that isn't placed in front of familiar equipment.

    Revision: 14217
    Look for (generated) "fameq:" modifiers in order to apply Familiar Effect

    Revision: 14218
    Some turtle choice adventure defaults

    Revision: 14219
    Some plurals, multiuses

    Revision: 14220
    Allow Summon Leviatuga underwater

    Revision: 14221
    Fix the option to pick up Engorged Sausages and You when it is not available

    Revision: 14222
    Handle A-boo peak tracking if you are defeated during the Horror. Update appropriate peak tracking when you see a fire in the Highlands, and when getting the quest reward, as a sanity check.

    Revision: 14223
    Add epic cluster (and things that pulverize to it).

    Revision: 14224
    Keep track of Steam Cards

    Revision: 14225
    When fetching a UseSkillRequest for the purpose of simply querying mana cost,
    for example, get an "unmodified" instance so that it doesn't reset the buff
    target in the cached instance to your own player ID.

    Revision: 14226
    A couple of missing defaults for turtle taming.

    Revision: 14227
    Modifier expressions need to understand that zones, locations, classes, skills,
    etc. are no longer lower-cased.

    Revision: 14228
    Experimental - Add verbose option (verboseMaximizer or checkbox on graphical maximizer) which also shows adv duration, uses remaining and/or number in inventory as appropriate. Also adds some missing durations to modifiers.txt.

    Revision: 14229
    Simplify code: move some things out of skill casting loop, use Java foreach
    rather than explicit iterators when reading cookies at login.

    Revision: 14230
    Fix displaying Surgeonosity

    Revision: 14231
    Don't parse results from dev pages

    Revision: 14232
    Some new appearance potions.

    Revision: 14233
    Some KOLHS avatar potions

    Revision: 14234
    More avatar potions

    Revision: 14235
    And yet more avatar potions. Still missing 5-8 potions I think.

    Revision: 14236
    Need to visit main.php when you time-in a session.
    Yes, it really is spooky nuggets, not spooky nugget, etc., in modifiers.txt
    Sections of modifiers.txt are now alphabetical ignoring case.

    Revision: 14237
    They are nuggets, not nugget

    Revision: 14238
    If we reduce consumption of a multiusable spleen item to 1 from something
    greater than 1, switch from multiuse.php to inv_use.php

    Revision: 14239
    Just as with spleen items, if multiusable items are use limited to 1 from a
    higher value, switch from multiuse.php to inv_use.php

    Revision: 14240
    Some avatar potions from Canadia swamp, still missing at least 4-6 potions.

    Revision: 14241
    Some plurals

    Revision: 14242
    Add a few more avatar potions discovered via mall search

    Revision: 14243
    Since FightRequest.getLastMonsterName does nothing other than call the method of
    the same name in MonsterStatusTracker, get rid of that method and call the
    latter method instead.
    Experimental: when logging actions in combat, log the last encounter name - the
    monster name, complete with capital letters, as appropriate - rather than
    the lower-cased version of the monster name. This affects only logging, not
    what is stored in preferences or passed to consult scripts.

    Revision: 14244
    Update a few plurals

    Revision: 14245
    Fix Florist Friar modifier checking

    Revision: 14246
    Don't generate a use link for items that are currently limited to 0 uses

    Revision: 14247
    Add two more avatar potions

    Revision: 14248
    Remove Flamin' Whatshisname when you use it to scare Zeppelin protestors, remove unnamed cocktail when it is transformed into Flamin' Whatshisname.

    Revision: 14249
    Update some capitalization

    Revision: 14250
    Removed some spleen pastes from food section of modifiers.txt (were already in non food/booze section.

    Revision: 14251
    Suppressing use links for items found duing a choice chain is too stringent.
    For now, back out that check and instead include a check just for dance cards,
    the original cause for the change.

    Revision: 14252
    Another avatar potion

    Revision: 14253
    Add Avatar modifier to effects generated by avatar potions

    Revision: 14254
    Add a few twitch event items, effects, and locations. Very preliminary.

    Revision: 14255
    Put back accidently removed Surgeonosity. Add Maximum Hooch.
    Add Legitimate Shoe Repair, Inc. coinmaster

    Revision: 14256
    Fix twich zone names. Caveman Dan's favorite rock. No NPE when finding unknown
    choice options.

    Revision: 14257
    Some more twitch stuff, monster drops, new Speakeasy drink, remove cocktail onions in non-combat, detect speakeasy pink password (unverified).

    Revision: 14258
    Don't generate debug log on "You gain X unknown thing" message.

    Revision: 14259
    Make that AdventureResult check more generic

    Revision: 14260
    Some more details of Twitchy stuff

    Revision: 14261
    Twitch hat/pants familiar effects.

    Revision: 14262
    Add flask flops

    Revision: 14263
    Phonus Balonus adventures/fights added.

    Revision: 14264
    Adjust Tommy Gun Ammo drop rates

    Revision: 14265
    Fix logging of Neandermall and Shoe Repair Shop transactions

    Revision: 14266
    Floor on Caveman Dan stats

    Revision: 14267
    gumshoes cannot be autosold or discarded

    Revision: 14268
    Add a plural

    Revision: 14269
    Remove code to check maximumUses before generating a use link

    Revision: 14270
    Detect time tower shops being opened based on "town_tower" appearing in Seaside Town. Resets when Seaside Town container document visited.

    Revision: 14271
    Do some of what is needed to filter speakeasy drinks in the Item Manager:
    don't show drinks you cannot afford, and allow queuing more than one drink

    Revision: 14272
    Can summon rare libram summons from skills.php (unverified), typo in Phonus Balonus and plural of cup of lukewarm tea.

    Revision: 14273
    Reduce number of queueable Speakeasy drinks based on queued quantity as well as drunk quantity.

    Revision: 14274
    "the slime tube" -> "The Slime Tube"

    Revision: 14275
    Show boost in predicted scores in Maximuzer when Buddy Bjorn or Crown of Thrones familiar is changed.

    Revision: 14276
    Fix some erroneous modifier entries

    Revision: 14277
    Soup up the "checkmodifiers" command, run it, and fix a bunch of bogus
    modifiers in modifiers.txt

    Revision: 14278
    Show number of items creatable in Verbose Maximizer output. In Hardcore/Ronin, limit uses remaining to number on hand + number creatable (unverified, as I have no character currently in Ronin/Hardcore.

    Revision: 14279
    When splitting a modifer string into a ModifierList, the modifer separater must
    be exactly ": " - a colon and a single space - since the regular expressions
    used to parse modifiers from the string all require that. "checkmodifiers"
    will therefore report any modifier that is not parsable.

    Revision: 14280
    If Black Forest map choice is set to a choice not available, change to manual decision. If we see Black Market in Woods, set quests if necessary.

    Revision: 14281
    A large (but probably incomplete - additions in the usual place) list of effects can now be removed by Shake It Off and Hot Tub. As MY experience is that Antidotes are usually shorter in supply than Hot Tub soaks in Hardcore/Ronin, it'll preferentially use hot tubs unless preference "uneffectWithHotTub" is set to false (default is true) when in Hardcore/Ronin. As antidotes are cheap in aftercore, but hot tubs are limited, it doesn't use the hot tub to uneffect in aftercore.

    Revision: 14282
    Adds "blackForestProgress" preference. Tracks progress through the black forest, from 0 to 5.

    Revision: 14283
    Add items to various choice spoilers so you can click to get description

    Revision: 14284
    Staff of Holiday Sensations needs Lotion rather than Phial.

    Revision: 14285
    Can only make KOLHS items in High School (but always shown then so you know what you can make, even if you can't make stuff now). Can only make Junk items if you have Worse Homes and Gardens. Can only use Rumplestiltskin's Workshop if you are currently on Grimstone Mask Gnome path.

    Revision: 14286
    Sea Monkey's quest tracking. Adds corralUnlocked to track whether Corral is available. Grandma only available once rescued. bigBrotherRescued now set when reading quest log.

    Revision: 14287
    Missing sea tracking update.

    Revision: 14288
    When reading Macguffin Diary, submit a RelayRequest in order to suppress the
    charpane update.

    Revision: 14289
    Fix that last submit

    Revision: 14290
    Can only redeem Game Shoppe credit out of Hardcore/Ronin. When you rescue Big Brother or Grandma or get a copy of Worse Homes and Gardens, refresh concoction list.

    Revision: 14291
    Don't lower-case location when parsing response from Florist Friar.
    Make a few local methods private.
    Florist: modifiers now say Monster Level: +30 rather than Monster Level: 30.
    The latter is the equivalent, but the former is our convention for additive
    A couple of Florist plants were commented out, for now reason that I could see.
    Uncomment them.

    Revision: 14292
    Boris's Helm gives MP regen.

    Revision: 14293
    Add durations for Hot Dog Stand Hot Dogs and Speakeasy drinks. Show price for Speakeasy drinks in Maximizer. Only restrict verbose information in Maximizer by number creatable/ in inventory in Hardcore/Ronin for physical items.

    Revision: 14294
    In verbose Maximizer, only show uses remaining for truely limited items. Items limited by inventory show up as number in inventory, and numbers creatable show up as number creatable, so summarizing this is unnecessary.

    Revision: 14295
    Refactor mall searching.
    If you don't want to limit your search, include x_cheapest=0 in the request;
    otherwise KoL itself will limit you to 10 results.
    When searching the mall for use by the "buy" command and similar places,
    do not hardcode a limit of 10 result; specify 0 and concatenate all the
    pages of results into a single list.

    Revision: 14296
    fix getting mall prices

    Revision: 14297
    Drill sergeant drops flask flops.

    Revision: 14298
    Protect against race condition in ItemDatabase.saveCanonicalNames vs.

    Revision: 14299
    Support for casting Summon Confiscated Things

    Revision: 14300
    More support for casting Summon Confiscated Things

    Revision: 14301
    chat scripts need to synchronize on the Interpreter object, since that class is
    very much not thread safe.

    Revision: 14302
    New items and effects

    Revision: 14303
    Add support for Mom buffing. Lion Oil and Bird Rib drops no longer conditional. Recognise successfully using a Grimoire.

    Revision: 14304
    Fix for Mom buff disabling after use.

    Revision: 14305
    Missing file

    Revision: 14306
    Cassette Songs

    Revision: 14307
    Fix parsing when using Summon Confiscated Things

    Revision: 14308
    You can no longer get the top menu style from api.php?what=status. Therefore,
    deduce it from the responseText.
    If you have the "fancy" topmenu, it redirects to awesomemenu.php. Follow that
    Tweak the quick scripts menu we generate if you have the "compact" menu.

    Revision: 14309
    Fix multi-purchasing from Coinmasters with no count field

    Revision: 14310
    Move topmenu decorator into its own package. Include Quick Scripts menu (if
    enabled) on all styles of top menu, not just the "compact" (dropdowns) style

    Revision: 14311
    Fix typo which made Mom food buff always an option for hot resistance.

    Revision: 14312
    Report failures to get a buff from Mom. Fix tracking of quests from conversations with Grandpa.

    Revision: 14313
    Confiscated items

    Revision: 14314
    Added additional step to pirate quest, so getting fledges is now step 6, and opening Belowdecks is Finished. Reading of step 6 from quest log and setting to finished with Swordfish is untested.

    Revision: 14315
    Untested. As BeanstalkPlanted and BeanstalkArmed were not accessible by scripts, and redundant now Jick has added it as step one of the GARBAGE quest, remove that code and change to use GARBAGE quest progress.

    Revision: 14316
    Correct some skill durations. Add ash commands adv_per_cast(skill) and soulsauce_per_cast(skill).

    Revision: 14317
    Changed function names to adv_cost and soulsauce_cost.

    Revision: 14318
    Do a better job of inserting KoLmafia script menus into the topmenu

    Revision: 14319
    Parsing of position of wheel in pyramid.

    Revision: 14320
    Only include script dropdowns on "normal" and "compact" topmenu styles; "fancy"
    (icon) topmenu doesn't get access to relay scripts, for now.

    Revision: 14321
    Add sewing kit to coinmasters.txt

    Revision: 14322
    Mushroom Wines made from Fun-Guy mushrooms need Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. Mushroom Pastacos needs Transcendental Noodlecraft.

    Revision: 14323
    Record date last Ultimate Mind Destroyer obtained in umdLastObtained. Annotate choice in the relay browser to say what you're getting (will only work if umdLastObtained isn't null. In 7 days time we can change that, as null will mean >7 days, whereas today it means we don't know).

    Revision: 14324
    Pirate quest tracking updated.

    Revision: 14325
    On login (or session refresh), look at your profile to determine your clan
    name and ID, rather than depending on the top menu to say if you are in a clan.

    Revision: 14326
    Since dusty bottles of wine are no longer used in the Level 11 quest, a lot of
    got has become obsolete. Remove it. Also, dusty bottles no longer vary in effect
    every ascension, but now have constant effects, regardless of glyph. Deal with
    that, too.

    Revision: 14327
    When creating a COncoction, if it is has in itemId, use the official data name
    of the item as the concoction name.

    Revision: 14328
    Filter out un-trendy familiars for Buddy Bjorn as appropriate to your path

    Revision: 14329
    Fix infinite recursion when using PullBudget spinners. Refresh concoctions in
    a new thread, not in the Swing thread.

    Revision: 14330
    Nemesis quest tracking update. Not 100% tested.

    Revision: 14331
    When ConcoctionDatabase has pulls budgeted, non-trendy items should not be
    considered as pullable.

    Revision: 14332
    Do not include Songs and Expressions in the generic Self-Only skill list.

    Revision: 14333
    Don't cast spells in a mood that you can't cast.

    Revision: 14334
    Temporary work around for printing strings that start with "/" in ash, avoiding Java bug.

    Revision: 14335
    Better workaround for java bug

    Revision: 14336
    Move KoLCharacter initialization that allocates AdventureResult objects AFTER
    the initialization of KoLCharacter variables that ItemDatabase depends on.
    When you use ASH print functions, do not convert < to HTML entities before
    writing to the session log, since that is needed only for writing to the CLI

    Revision: 14337
    In relay browser:
    When giving lack of ultrahydrated warning in Desert, include link to Oasis.
    When adventuring in Top of Giant Castle with a Mohawk Wig that you aren't wearing, when you haven't completed the quest, give warning including link to equip it.
    When adventuring in Billiards Room without enough Pool Skill to guarantee a win, put a warning. If you have a pool cue that isn't equipped, provide link to equip it. If you have hand chalk but not chalky hand effect, provide link to use it.

    Revision: 14338
    Link back to Copperhead Club when Snake drops that Shen wants drop.

    Revision: 14339
    Initialize Ascension path early in KoLCharacter. Initialize Modifiers at end

    Revision: 14340
    LockableListModel and SortedListModel are now template classes.
    For many such objects, declare the type of objects that they will contain.

    Revision: 14341
    Define the element type of many LockableListModels

    Revision: 14342
    Still more LockableListModels and SortedListModels specify their element type

    Revision: 14343
    More element typing in lists

    Revision: 14344
    Detect when clan changes, reset information, and update hot dog / speakeasy data.

    Revision: 14345
    Allow adventuring in Lower Chamber. I can't fully test til tomorrow.

    Revision: 14346
    If Lord Spookyraven is not yet defeated, but is available, you can adventure in Summoning Chamber. Recognise server response if you try to adventure in a location that isn't yet available, but which does tell you this.

    Revision: 14347
    Simplify PyramidRequest. No longer need to render a picture in the choice adventure, as KoL provides it. Nothing to parse as it's handled in QuestManager. Only have some little utilities. Fix reporting which chamber setup you are visiting in Lower Chamber.

    Revision: 14348
    Removed code relating to removed Choice Adventures in Spookyraven.

    Revision: 14349
    Remove lastManorUnlock as it no longer is unlocked, and lastGalleryUnlock as it now unlocks by quest progress. Remove checks for adventures that unlocked them as they no longer exist.

    Revision: 14350
    Only set current Clan when you do a Profile Request for yourself. When running checkprofile, use the clan of the profile you are checking, not your own. Effectively reverses some changes in Revision 11212 from June 2012.

    Revision: 14351
    When eating or drinking from Restaurants (Hot Dog Stand, Speakeasy, Chez Snootie, MicroBrewery, Hells Kitchen, Crimbo Cafe) via Item Manager, check for PvP stone break, Milk (etc), Ode, Overdrinking as appropriate.

    Revision: 14352
    Add default preference for Off the Rack

    Revision: 14353
    Quest tracking for Temple Quest and Shirt Quest.

    Revision: 14354
    Remove currentFullness and currentSpleenUse, since those no longer need to be tracked between session

    Revision: 14355
    Creating a tin cup from a fancy tin beer can is an MUSE recipe, not an SUSE

    Revision: 14356
    Fix concoction entry for ballpark hot daub.

    Revision: 14357
    Fix runnable in event thread when using familiar item lock checkbox on the
    Gear Changer, as well as all sorts of other glitches with tracking locked
    familiar items.

    Revision: 14358
    When clover protection is active, ten-leaf clovers purchased from the mall
    automagically turn into disassembled clovers. Account for that when deciding
    whether you've purchased the desired number of clovers.

    Revision: 14359
    Ifnore $item[ none ] in ASH add_item_condition() and remove_item_condition()

    Revision: 14360
    Fix typo in Desert warning.

    Revision: 14361
    The PYEC is not multiusable.
    Do not remove items from inventory if they are reusable as a secondary usage.
    When the ItemFinder looks for an item in a specific list - inventory, stash, etc. -
    if it doesn't find the required amount, give an error

    Revision: 14362
    Revisit Pyramid Parsing/logging/automation. Tested most combinations. Add two new helloween candies.

    Revision: 14363
    When ASH looks up item names, don't restrict to things in your inventory.

    Revision: 14364
    Default to searching all rather than Inventory when looking up items if not specified. Only give an error message if you haven't found enough when searching a location.

    Revision: 14365
    Recognize successful mall purchases when in run

    Revision: 14366
    Perform Major Whackage on ItemFinder to make API more rational

    Revision: 14367
    If searching for items without specifying the list, if the count is negative
    (which means "all but that many") or "*" (which means "all"), look at items in
    the inventory to decide how many to use.

    Revision: 14368
    Fix buying from NPCs while in run

    Revision: 14369

    Revision: 14370
    Since clover protection only kicks in for items arriving in inventory, no
    need to worry about it when purchasing ten-leaf clovers when you cannot
    interact, since they will end up in storage.

    Revision: 14371
    AdventureResult.getCount( List) now lets the compiler enforce that the list
    contains only AdventureResults.
    When making a purchase, if we are automated and not allowed to purchase from
    the mall, pre-scan the list to find the first NPC store with the item.
    (This is currently moot, since the NPC store will always be first, but I think
    that is a bug.)

    Revision: 14372
    Sort mall search results that are returned by StoreManager.searchMall so that
    NPC stores get inserted into the correct place and that stores with larger
    stocks appear before those with fewer items at the same price.

    Revision: 14373
    The compare function for a PurchaseRequest needs to use this.getPrice()
    rather than this.price, so that subclasses can override it.

    Revision: 14374
    When sorting Purchase Request objects, no special check needed to put NPC
    stores ahead of PC stores if you are in Hardcore; we will prefer them in any
    case because the available quantity is better than any PC store.

    Revision: 14375
    If desired, the Relay Browser will now suppress potential malware

    Revision: 14376
    Multiusable items, plurals

    Revision: 14377
    changed item names. plurals.

    Revision: 14378
    Clearly label the "Item Acquisition options that apply only to automated item

    Revision: 14379
    Heavy Rains path name

    Revision: 14380
    Change "buy" command as follows:
    - If you are in Hardcore or Ronin, purchase only from NPCs. Unless:
    - "buy from storage xxx" will purchase only for mall stores using storage Meat
    - If you are out of Ronin or in aftercore, purchase from cheapest NPC or mall
    Fix PurchaseRequest to always use this.getPrice() rather than this.price, so
    if you can afford the discounted price of an NPC item but not the full price,
    the purchase is still allowed.

    Revision: 14381
    Boss Bat and Bonerdagon items have changed. Fix concoction.
    Fix regex to recognize Avatar potions to exclude Surgeonosity items

    Revision: 14382
    Properly log the start of a Heavy Rains run

    Revision: 14383
    Add a few Heavy Rains objects

    Revision: 14384
    Add path() function to ModifierExpressions. Use it for Fishy, Oily.

    Revision: 14385
    Add some support for using a few of the Heavy Rains skill-granting items

    Revision: 14386
    Some Heavy Rains items

    Revision: 14387
    Fix path() modifier expression

    Revision: 14388
    Handle calling fight.php and choice.php directly when not in a fight or choice

    Revision: 14389
    buy_using_storage( count, item ) and buy_using_storage( count, item, limit )

    Revision: 14390
    Components of the badass belt are not quest items any more. Additionally, the
    ingredients have changed. Autocraft badass belt if you find the new ingredients
    after combat only.

    Revision: 14391
    More Heavy Rain items found in mall

    Revision: 14392
    Prioritize the miniature life preserver when switching to a familiar without equipment on, when in a Heavy Rains run

    Revision: 14393
    lightning milk

    Revision: 14394
    Add counters to track the window when Heavy Rains monster will show up

    Revision: 14395
    Add some tabs.

    Revision: 14396
    Add giant rubber spider and rubber cape concoction.

    Revision: 14397
    You don't need a wand in Heavy Rains

    Revision: 14398
    Heavy Rains skills

    Revision: 14399
    Ignore special monsters from Rain Fax

    Revision: 14400
    Send all autoCrafting through ResultProcessor.autoCreate.
    quantum egg and intragalactic rowboat are obsolete

    Revision: 14401
    Belch the Rainbow

    Revision: 14402
    Automatically use Lady Spookyraven's telegram after ascending. Add a setting, "autoQuest" (enabled by default), to control this and auto-reading of the mortar-dissolving recipe.

    Revision: 14403
    Heavy Rains item. Belch the Rainbow comes from using a beautiful rainbow.

    Revision: 14404
    Use localhost instead of

    Revision: 14405
    Add most Heavy Rains bosses. Do not give a MCD warning for Heavy Rains bosses that don't have special drops.

    Revision: 14406
    As before, create McClusky file in postChoice, not when detect binder clip
    via item acquisition

    Revision: 14407
    Some Heavy Rains quest tracking additions.

    Revision: 14408
    Basic Thunder support. Not all tested as I only have one skill which doesn't work out of combat. Doesn't work with automation as thunder does not yet appear in the API. Added ash commands "my_thunder()" which reports current level and "thunder_cost( skill )" which reports thunder oost of skill. Does not report thunder in mafia side bar.

    Revision: 14409
    Add my_rain(), my_lightning(), rain_cost( skill ), lightning_cost( skill ). Update thunder, rain, and lighting from api.php.

    Revision: 14410
    More Council text recognised in Heavy Rains

    Revision: 14411
    Fix for lightning tracking

    Revision: 14412
    Allow the Entrance to the Forgotten City and the WUmpus Cave choice adventures
    to be configured in the GUI. Your choices for each is to show in browser or skip

    Revision: 14413
    Rainbow Gravitation now costs 0 MP.

    Revision: 14414
    Add recommended_stat as a proxy value for locations. Most locations don't have a value yet, which is represented by a default of -1.

    Revision: 14415
    Add quick scripts menu to the icon topmenu, below the minimoons

    Revision: 14416
    Do not specify class="button" for the Exec button; system default style is fine

    Revision: 14417
    Add quite a lot of recommended stat levels for zones (based on spading at a high level with 1 mainstat).

    Revision: 14418
    A handful more stat requirements

    Revision: 14419
    The Aquaman

    Revision: 14420
    filet of The Fish

    Revision: 14421
    More Heavy Rains items

    Revision: 14422
    lightning rod

    Revision: 14423
    Add Freshwater Fishbonery as a Coinmaster

    Revision: 14424
    Add some 0 stat requirement areas. Add Water Level as a modifier. Water Level modifies monster level. Report environment, recommended mainstat, and Water Level (in Heavy Rains) in Location Details.

    Revision: 14425
    It's Water Depth, not Water Level. Also, water depth is 0 underwater (I know, I know).

    Revision: 14426
    If location is null, don't create debug log and errors. If location is none, it has no depth.

    Revision: 14427
    Added Water Depth override. Null locations or locations without environment now default to depth 1. Override only known to be needed at Mist Shrouded Peak so far.

    Revision: 14428
    Move clover adventures into encounters.txt. Report clover adventure name in Location Details.

    Revision: 14429
    More Heavy Rains Council tracking. Fix clover protection and remove some redundant clover code.

    Revision: 14430
    Disable the Weapon and Offhand slots in the Gear Changer in Fistcore

    Revision: 14431
    Don't cancel/restart Rains monster counters if the monster in question was created by using Rain Man (untested). Lower Chamber and Summoning Chamber are base depth 2.

    Revision: 14432
    More Heavy Rains Council text quest tracking.

    Revision: 14433
    Bugbear Pens -> The Bugbear Pen

    Revision: 14434
    And another one! (and I love that text)

    Revision: 14435
    Track killing Heavy Rains final boss.

    Revision: 14436
    Count number of times Belch the Rainbow has been learned in preference skillLevel117. If you've already used one or more, you'll have to set it manually at present. Untested.

    Revision: 14437
    Some more quest tracking bits in Heavy Rains, revised some depths.

    Revision: 14438
    Thunder Clap is not an all-day banisher

    Revision: 14439
    Goblin King's Throneroom is Depth 6, not sure if there is a stat recommendation, probably not as it is not an adventure.php zone and I've only seen stat recommendations in those.

    Revision: 14440
    More informative message when attempting to adventure in sewers without items. (Only lightly tested).

    Revision: 14441
    Hmm, tavern cellar was depth 5 and 1 yesterday, I got a note it'd been fixed and now it's depth 6.

    Revision: 14442
    As might be expected, Cyrpt Boss is at depth 6. You can't tell from the image, but it shrugged stun at 0 ML.

    Revision: 14443
    Untested. Ignore fights with semirare etc monsters created by Rain Man skill.

    Revision: 14444
    Refactor ignoring semirare/etc monsters from Rain Man

    Revision: 14445
    Hey, it's apparently Water Level, depth on the monster mouseover is the bug, so changed it all back again. Relearn skills after prism break in Heavy Rains (untested). Set initial Rain Monster window counters for turns 9-11 (untested). Clear Rain monster (and Bee) window counters after prism break (untested).

    Revision: 14446
    Change handling of restricted check when breaking prism as flag originally used is reset during process.

    Revision: 14447
    fishbone belt. speakeasy drinks.

    Revision: 14448
    Smile of Mr. A has a new skill number. warbear exhaust manifold has a variable
    effect. Lots of old IOTMs are now Free Pulls.

    Revision: 14449
    Isopod stats

    Revision: 14450
    Do not block the GUI when updating mall prices from the database

    Revision: 14451
    Some items are now multiusable

    Revision: 14452
    Since Heavy Rains gives you skills, refresh skills even after the path is restricted

    Revision: 14453
    Show actual monster level (rather than water level adjusted monster level) in brackets in sidebar after total monster level. This is what determines Cellar and Oil Peak monsters (and maybe nothing else).
    Add location proxy record for water_level which shows base water level unadjusted by effects/items equipped.
    Change initial rain monster counter to 8-10.

    Revision: 14454
    Item descriptions no longer take Sauceror class & skill into effect when
    reporting effect duration of regent potions.

    Revision: 14455
    Hippy Quest council text in Heavy Rains. Some monster stat updates. Temporary override for The Enormous Greater-Than Sign depth til requirement spaded.

    Revision: 14456
    Since The Smile of Mr. A. no longer appears on the Char Sheet, if the player
    has any Golden Mr. Accessories, add the skill to available skills. Also do
    that when the player acquires her first Golden Mr. Accessory.
    The Temorary Lycanthropy effect (from Blood of the Wereseal) gives you a non-
    integral percentage boost to Muscle. KoL truncates that value when generating
    the effect Description, but actually uses the full value when adjusting your
    Muscle. Note that it does NOT round the percentage value before applying it,
    contrary to what the Wiki says and what KoLmafia previously did.

    Revision: 14457
    Remove extra spaces

    Revision: 14458
    Fix enable/disable of weapon/offhand slots in Gear Changer when not in Fistcore

    Revision: 14459
    Don't produce debug log if best in slot is nothing when doing maximization.

    Revision: 14460
    Add "test speakeasy" command which will do speakeasy processing the saved
    response text from visiting the speakeasy

    Revision: 14461
    Add the last Speakeasy drink, and track the demon name used to unlock it. Quest log parsing of the last demon name will come once there is something to parse.

    Revision: 14462
    Add -current keyword to Maximizer. This will not consider currently worn equipment, speeding up maximization considerably, but may sometimes suggest changing equipment which doesn't help you (or hinder you).

    Revision: 14463
    Add three missing monster phylums.

    Revision: 14464
    Add Folder Holder and Ice House to Common stuff you didn't do at Astral Gash. Add some recommended stats.

    Revision: 14465
    Untested. Recognise success using Beautiful Rainbow.

    Revision: 14466
    Some more recommended stats, a fish monster stats

    Revision: 14467
    Last data for rains monsters. Guess at meat drop based on a simple progression (all their other stats have one), and my meat gain so far. If someone does more accurate spading and shows it to be wrong we'll revise it.

    Revision: 14468
    Only adventure.php adventure zones have recommended stats.

    Revision: 14469
    Recommended stats for The Enormous Greater-Than Sign.

    Revision: 14470
    Don't show slot if maximizer thinks you should replace nothing with nothing.

    Revision: 14471
    Show strategy chosen for CCS, not monster name.

    Revision: 14472
    The LARP card does not give you a discount in the speakeasy.

    Revision: 14473
    Some war minimum stat recommendations

    Revision: 14474
    Since speakeasy drinks have item numbers (although they cannot be in inventory)
    use the Concoction associated with that item number, rather than making a
    pseudo-item concoction.

    Revision: 14475
    Remove rock/jam band flyers from inventory when they are used after the war is done

    Revision: 14476
    Let speakeasy drinks be consumed from Item Manager again.

    Revision: 14477
    Simplify concoction calculations for speakeasy drinks, since they are initialized with the correct total available.

    Revision: 14478
    Speakeasy drinks are virtual items. When you drink one, log it as
    "drink xxx" rather than simply "Visiting Speakeasy in clan VIP lounge"

    Revision: 14479
    As Speakeasy drinks are now items, move checking for maximum uses available from Maximizer to DrinkItemRequest. Add Ish Kabbible adventures.

    Revision: 14480
    Remaining war min stat recommendations

    Revision: 14481
    Don't generate an NPE when creating an override for a new area.

    Revision: 14482
    Twitch zone and monsters.

    Revision: 14483
    Handle reducing Chroner / Mercury Blessing count with appropriate actions during Twitch Non-combats.

    Revision: 14484
    Chroner trigger and cross

    Revision: 14485
    Use the chroner trigger and cross during breakfast

    Revision: 14486
    [GL|M|R|S]iators are generic monsters with custom names

    Revision: 14487
    Twitch blessings

    Revision: 14488
    Roman monster images

    Revision: 14489
    more twitch items

    Revision: 14490
    When looking at speakeasy, parse remaining drinks first, before getting
    set of available drinks. It is also "one more drink", not "one more drinks".

    Revision: 14491
    Handle the comma in Chroner count in shops

    Revision: 14492
    Fix Valhalla Decorator when folder holder has empty slots

    Revision: 14493
    Add hidden "verboseSpeakeasy" setting to allow verbose logging of visiting
    the Speakeasy in the Clan Lounge.

    Revision: 14494
    Speakeasy drinks do not require turns to consume

    Revision: 14495
    Fix typos

    Revision: 14496
    CharPaneDecorator now iterates over an array of TurnCounters, rather than the
    original ArrayList.

    Revision: 14497
    Multiusable items

    Revision: 14498
    Make TurnCounter package thread safe

    Revision: 14499
    Sort counter array after it has been extracted from synchronized variable

    Revision: 14500
    Track completed Heavy Rains ascensions in heavyRainsPoints
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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    The Unseelie Court


    Revision: 14501
    Refresh skills when breaking ronin in a restricted path

    Revision: 14502
    Refactor RelayRequest.handleChat to make it a lot easier to understand what
    is happening.

    Revision: 14503
    Twitch loose ends. Some minimum mainstat recommendations.

    Revision: 14504
    Reset KoLConstants file

    Revision: 14505
    Add code to find brown speakeasy password in the Summoning Chamber

    Revision: 14506
    Handle Sorceress Gate if you have a Ring of Teleportation and the gate demands Teleportitis.

    Revision: 14507
    Some minor code cleanup in chat code

    Revision: 14508
    Don't give a use link if you are limited to 0 uses of an item

    Revision: 14509
    Fix two Thunder skill images.

    Revision: 14510
    Rename CombatActionManager.getEncounterKey to CombatActionManager.getBestEncounterKey, to avoid confusion with CombatActionManager.encounterKey.

    Revision: 14511
    Only consider outfits for maximizer if they are better than equipping the best individual items in each of the slots in the outfit. If dump keyword used, output outfits considered better than these items.

    Revision: 14512
    Some missing items.

    Revision: 14513
    Water level image comes before monster picture and screws up translating
    monster names into generic monster name. Fix.
    Add lots of equipment powers.

    Revision: 14514
    Fix typo

    Revision: 14515
    Medicinal Herb's medicinal herbs is single use

    Revision: 14516
    Fix "cast *" to work with skills that cost 0 MP to cast.
    Remove "chat.php" (ancient chat, which nobody uses any more) from list of URLs
    that are "chat" URLS, since the Relay Browser has no idea what to do with that
    URL and was simply returning a blank page to the browser.

    Revision: 14517
    Maximizer not considering current outfit is now default when not in Hardcore/Ronin. This can be forced with +current keyword. In Hardcore/Ronin not considering current outfit can be forced with -current keyword. Also hopefully don't produce a debug log when there are few items to be considered against outfits.

    Revision: 14518
    Belch The Rainbow is capped at 11 beautiful rainbow uses

    Revision: 14519
    ASH can_equip( item ) now returns false if item is not actually equipment

    Revision: 14520
    Add lookups for Heavy Rains spells where effect and spell names are different.

    Revision: 14521
    Plurals and multiusables

    Revision: 14522
    add a bunch of plurals

    Revision: 14523
    Hagnk told me a whole bunch more plurals

    Revision: 14524
    Soup up the "checkplurals" command.

    Revision: 14525
    Change many places that call ItemDatabase.getPluralById to instead use

    Revision: 14526
    When automating, do not defer concoction refreshing if autoCraft is true, since
    that mechanism needs to refresh concoctions.

    Revision: 14527
    Fix plurals, start removing plurals that are just the item name with an s added

    Revision: 14528
    Remove a whole bunch of redundant plurals. Fix a few errors found by checkitems.

    Revision: 14529
    Get rid of all the other redundant plurals: those which are simply item name
    plus "s".

    Revision: 14530
    Three more plurals

    Revision: 14531
    Yet more plurals

    Revision: 14532
    Stupid greater than / less than signs, who needs them anyway!
    Ahem, hopefully outfit compares with more than one accessory will compare correctly, and also not error out when there are fewer accessories in inventory than the outfit.

    Revision: 14533
    Basic Thor's Pliers support. Does not yet handle free crafting or recognise lightning regeneration.

    Revision: 14534
    Maximizer now knows you can use Thor's Pliers in Heavy Rains. Log recovering bolts of lightning.

    Revision: 14535
    Disembodied Hand cannot use Thor's Pliers. Don't need a Jewelry Pliers if you have Thor's Pliers. Always hit with Thor's Pliers in either mainhand or offhand.

    Revision: 14536
    The disembodied hand can't equip any Single Equip items

    Revision: 14537
    Add "rest free". This will use one rest, only if you have a free rest remaining. Update Daily Deeds to use this.

    Revision: 14538
    Quest log parsing of the newest demon name

    Revision: 14539
    Minor API adjustment for ConcoctionDatabase.
    - refreshConcoctions() defaults to refreshConcotions( true ), which means
    "refresh even if we don't know that it is necessary". That is not a change,
    but all the places which specifically called it with "true" now call the
    default API
    - refreshConcoctionsNow() will refresh right now, even if refreshing is
    deferred. Call this in places where subsequent code depends on the
    concoction calculations to be completely up-to-date - like autoCrafting

    Revision: 14540
    Add use links for plurals that just have an s added to the name

    Revision: 14541
    A few more plurals

    Revision: 14542
    More plurals. No synchronize on method that doesn't need it.

    Revision: 14543
    Add plural for bowl of oriole's nest soup

    Revision: 14544
    Lightly tested. Crafting support for Thor's Pliers and Loathing Legion Jackhammer (does not create Jackhammer if you have another Loathing Legion item). Fix bug in calculating number of adventures needed to craft using Wok when you try to craft more than one. Fix lookup for Rain Dance / Rain Dancin'.

    Revision: 14545
    When an Accordion Thief defeats her Nemesis, all fights in the barracks turn
    into reward items. Mark such rooms with an 'r' (indicating an unclaimed item)
    rather than with an 'R' (indicating an item you already collected).

    Revision: 14546
    Minor code cleanup

    Revision: 14547
    Forget Heavy Rains skills after you free the king

    Revision: 14548
    Fix some plurals

    Revision: 14549
    fix typo

    Revision: 14550
    Grey out suggestions in Maximizer if you lack the Meat, Soulsauce, Thunder, Rain or Lightning to use them. Locations of environment none default to 1 Water Level.

    Revision: 14551
    Update text for the Daily Deeds rest free button

    Revision: 14552
    Handle Regular Attacks Can't Miss as a boolean modifier.

    Revision: 14553
    UseSkillRequest does not need a reconstructFields method - especially one that
    re-encodes an already encoded URL string.
    Subclasses of CreateItemRequest DO need to override the reconstructFields
    method but, they, too, do not need that method to do anything whatsoever.

    Revision: 14554
    Refactor skill casting to remove checks for non-MP costs out of the MP recovery

    Revision: 14555
    Sugar Sheet folding now goes throught shop.php

    Revision: 14556
    Add Black Bart's Booty. No check, yet, for whether you have "unlocked" the
    ability to actually buy it from the Swagger Shop

    Revision: 14557
    For non-ascenders who turned their S.O.C.K. into an intragalactiv rowboat,
    that's good enough to get you to the Giant Castle Basement.

    Revision: 14558
    Recognize special combats that happen the turn after a Rain Man fight

    Revision: 14559
    Recognize The Rain King removing equipment

    Revision: 14560
    Add warnings in relay browser when trying to adventure in Ballroom/Poop Deck/Hidden Temple at level 11 before obtaining MacGuffin diary, when trying to adventure in Laundry Room / Wine Cellar without reading Recipe with glasses, and when trying to adventure in Boiler Room without Fulminate equipped. Unless of course the quests aren't progressed past those points.

    Revision: 14561
    Log the turn number when using Rain Fax. Decorate gremlins when you fight them through monster copying.

    Revision: 14562
    Recognise "You only have 1 of those, not 2." messages when eating using chat commands, and don't increment fullness as nothing is eaten.

    Revision: 14563
    Log Lindy burp to session log and gCLI

    Revision: 14564
    Message when about to spend adventures on crafting now more explicit (tells you how many adventures are to be used crafting what. Don't double count Inigos/Jackhammer/Thor's Pliers adventure savings. Warn when crafting from Creation panel as well as Consumption panel of Item Manager.

    Revision: 14565
    Added preference relayShowWarnings, defaults to true. If you want to opt out of (most) relay browser adventuring warnings, set it to false.

    Revision: 14566
    Switch back to

    Revision: 14567
    Fix a few plurals. Change checkplurals to use api.php instead of the wiki for items that you have at least two of.

    Revision: 14568
    Recognise failure to feed Slimeling due to not having the item.

    Revision: 14569
    Recognise stage of Bat quest from Sonar use messages. Restore Bat quest progress check in Bat Hole as now place.php. Recognise image 5 in Bat Hole.

    Revision: 14570
    KoL has fixed the plural for the sterno-flavored Hob-O

    Revision: 14571
    When you have had all of The Horror you can take, if you have another A-Boo clue
    in inventory, offer a link to use it.

    Revision: 14572
    If Lights Out due, don't warn if you hit Ballroom at level 11 without Diary, Boiler Room without fulminate without Lord Spookyraven unlocked, Laundry/Wine Cellar without reading recipe without Lord Spookyraven unlocked, or Billiards Room without Pool skill.

    Revision: 14573
    Fix plural for the torch of fury

    Revision: 14574
    update mallprices.txt

    Revision: 14575
    Bump version to 16.4
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
    R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn.

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