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Thread: EatDrink.ash: Optimize your daily diet (and see how your old diet stacks up).

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    It looks like this script uses zlib vars, as opposed to preferences. Try using "zlib eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake = true"? (spaces are apparently necessary for zlib's main() function)

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    That seems to have done the trick, thanks for the help :-)

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    Hmmm not seeing this work with eatdrink 3.2 from svn:

    > zlib eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake = true
    No setting named 'eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake' exists.

    I had to manually edit /data/vars_myCharName.txt and add
    eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake true

    (make sure that's a tab not a space dividing the setting and value

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    Theraze - it's been four months. Are you listening and coming back?

    It would be quite nice if Eatdrink understood what can only be consumed and cannot be consumed in Dark Gyfte.

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    Originally Posted by Mattematical View Post
    That is not ready for use. Ezandora wouldn’t put the warning there otherwise. But yeah, I look forward to seeing her approach. I was considering writing my own script, if hers doesn’t pan out.

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