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Thread: Using both a combat filter and a ccs?

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    Default Using both a combat filter and a ccs?

    I have a semi-complex CCS that handles most of my daily combats, checks when to Release the Boots, kill roaming scaling monsters etc. However I would like to use a combat filter to handle things such as buffing for Nanobrawny, and using Unleash the Nanites when possible. However I can't figure out how to use both, or if it is possible?

    I've tried 'return get_ccs_action()' in the combat filter, but that both gets out of sync with the combat rounds when you insert something, or fails when it returns a ccs action that is an 'if monstername <something>' line or something similar. Also doesn't look like you can just do a 'run_combat()' out of a combat filter if you don't wish inject anything else into the current combat?

    An exmaple CCS:
    [ default ]
    special action
    if monstername Malevolent Tofurkey || monstername Candied Yam Golem || monstername Stuffing Golem || monstername Possessed Can of Cranberry Sauce || monstername *Cadáver*
        skill entangling noodles
        mark killscaling
        skill fearful fettucini
        goto killscaling
    try to steal an item
    if monstername procrastination giant
        skill give your opponent the stinkeye
    if !monstername clod hopper
        skill release the boots
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    item fat stacks of cash
    skill candyblast
    [ global prefix ]
    "abort missed 5"
    "abort pastround 27"
    Example of combat filter actions i'd like to inject into that ccs, to accomplish banishing with the Nanorhino:
    string farm_combat(int round, monster enemy, string text){
    	// Do we need to get the Nanobrawny buff?
    	if( can_banish() && my_familiar() == $familiar[nanorhino] ){
    		return use_skill( muscleCombatSkill );
    	// Are we ready to unleash the nanites and banish?
    	if( enemy == farmConfig.banish && have_effect( $effect[nanobrawny] ) >= 40 ){
    		return use_skill( $skill[unleash nanites] );
          return ???
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