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Thread: Vhaeraun's Glorious PVP Bookkeeper

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    May I suggest storing season data by adding the name of the character to the file? The problem is that I run a couple of different characters in pvp, and so
    the .dat file keeps being overwritten by each character.

    e.g. right now it's
    string outputFileName = "pvp_season_"+visitInformationBooth() +".dat";
    changing it to this worked quite well (putting the player name into the file name):

    string outputFileName = "pvp_season_"+visitInformationBooth() +"_" +my_name() +".dat";
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    1.6 Change Set
    Courtesy of Kirk's suggestion: player name is now in the .dat file.

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    I'm SkyElf borrowing Captain Kirk's mafia forum account because I don't have my own mafia forum account. Captain Kirk downloaded this script for me, but when I run it on my KOL account, I get obviously incorrect information. It says my success ratio on offense is 0% in all categories and my success ratio on defense in all but one category is 100% when I win more than I lose in offense and I lose more than I win in defense. Also this is what my line for Prowess looks like for the last 1000 fights. Aside from the fact that it claims Prowess is being used on average 6 times in each pvp fight, I always use ballyhoo! when attacking, so it should be N/A for offense.
    Adventurer's Prowess 5864 57:5807 0% 3815 0:3815 0% 2049 57:1992 2%

    My total line looks like this for the last 1000 fights, indicating that I lost all of them.
    Whole Fights 1000 0:1000 0% 643 0:643 0% 357 0:357 0%

    However my swagger gain is 2.02 as my offensive average, which seems fairly accurate, but contradicts the previous indication that I never win fights.

    I am using mafia v15.3 r11320

    As a test, I tried attacking using backstab and got this result from KOL:

    Round 1: Adventurer's Prowess
    Who is the stat-iest? (Highest stance-specified stat)

    SkyElf out-stats AliRaza111 by 35%, and wins!

    Round 2: Least Boring Slideshow
    Whose travels are the most interesting? (Most zones visited in the past five days)

    A large screen descends from the ceiling, and a slideshow is displayed, featuring all the locations each contestant has visited in the past several days.

    Unfortunately for AliRaza111, the judges fall asleep during his slideshow and SkyElf wins the round.

    Round 3: Wine Tasting Contest
    Who appreciates the finest of wines? (Most different booze items drunk in the last 30 days (or since the start of the season))

    SkyElf's booze palate is 13400% more sophisticated than AliRaza111's, so she wins!

    Round 4: Mystery Contest
    It's a mystery!

    The judges smile, nod, and wink at SkyElf.

    Round 5: Who Runs Bordertown?
    Most adventures spent in the Thugnderdome this season.

    SkyElf is ∞% more familiar with the ins and outs of Thugnderdome than AliRaza111 is, so SkyElf wins!

    Round 6: Space Tripper
    Highest Space Trip score this season.

    The judges check the high scores, and the winner is SkyElf, by 10,219 points!

    Round 7: Spelunker
    Who's the best spelunker? (Most basement levels cleared this season)

    SkyElf has descended more levels into the Depths of Below Fernswarthy's Ruined Tower this season, and is declared the winner.

    And this result from your script:

    Displaying results from the last 1 fights.
    Name Total Offense Defense
    Occured Ratio % Times
    Occured Ratio % Times
    Occured Ratio %
    Adventurer's Prowess 7 0:7 0% 7 0:7 0% 0 N/A N/A
    Whole Fights 1 0:1 0% 1 0:1 0% 0 N/A N/A
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    I recognize this bug. This is a failed Regular Expresion in the script. Unfortunately without more information I can do absolutely nothing for you.

    What I need is this:
    Right click on the "view" link, for the fight in question. Then into the CLI type visit_url("[paste that here]");

    If you PM or KMail me the massive HTML vomit (please don't try to post it, the forum may try to format it) I'll see if I can figure out the culprit.

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    1.7 changeset

    Slightly more robust regex, for them what had some problems

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    1.7 changeset

    Slightly more robust regex, for them what had some problems
    Originally Posted by InfernalRapture View Post
    This is SkyElf again.


    It works now.

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    1.8 changeset
    Added the self-gratification notifier feature
    Added a link back to the colosseum in the relay page.

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    I was gonna come in and see if losses (and wins on defense) could be delineated between losses and losses due to ties going to the defender?

    Edit to add, it might be fun to see how many 7-0 wins you have too.
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    I recognize the lack of activity in this thread, but I had another suggestion:

    Tally up steals (because, really, the only thing you should be attacking for this season is loot, right?) and give a "biggest steal" (based on mall price) and a "total theft this season" total? And maybe for what was taken from us, too!

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    Tally up steals (because, really, the only thing you should be attacking for this season is loot, right?)
    Originally Posted by kain View Post
    Attacking for loot means you can't hit someone in ronin, and it's possible that someone might have a better shot of beating someone in ronin than in aftercore, so not attacking for loot can be optimal for gaining swagger.

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