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    Bug - Not A Bug Mafia thinks I need Ouija Board, Ouija Board to cast Spiky Shell, but I don't.

    That is intentional. When you have no restrictions (in a Casual ascension, for instance), KoLmafia is attempting to save resources/server hits by requiring you to have the most effective "easy" item on hand. The cost is trivial (4500 right now) and one time.
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    My script suddenly stopped working

    while(get_clan_id() != 90485) A first step would be to have the script print what it thinks get_clan_id() is in that block. And if something weird is happening with that, then there's also get_clan_name() to try.
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    Bug - Fixed trying to use mall_price in a choice adventure stack overflow

    Don't worry, historical prices were not a consideration in my fix. I just made sure that if you're adventuring (in a fight or choice) there won't be any server hits when attempting to get a mall price.
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    Bug Ensure buffer of 3 unknown paths

    Seems like the code should be better about handling paths that aren't pre-listed, rather than relying on a buffer of 3 (completely arbitrary) unknown paths. Perhaps all of those Path-returning functions should return UNKNOWN (id -1) when the value doesn't exist in the maps. Alternatively...
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    Bug Lucky Gold Ring thinks the Halloweiner Volcoino is a LGR Volcoino Drop

    That... shouldn't happen. The code to set "_luckyGoldRingVolcoino" checks for it dropping from combat. If that's not working for some reason, then there's a bigger issue.
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    Bug Gelatinous Noob absorbed enchantments persist through logout

    What are you trying to accomplish with resetModifiers()? I suspect that everything you are hoping for is already in the reset() call above that.
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    Bug bug + feature: adding a way to assert that a path starts with ROOT_LOCATION

    Given that the code assumes scripts have unique names, and also given the effort to prevent any access to files outside of KoLmafia's directories, my first assumption would be that any leading ../ is stripped away before further processing. I know I added something like that in at least one...
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    questL12War steps?

    The settings you want all start with 'sidequest', easy enough to find with prefref once you know that.
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    Bug - Not A Bug r20800 - debug log when starting relay browser Some googling tells me that this is due to failing to find an IP address. Sounds like a temporary network issue on your end that can't be prevented.
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    Feature - Implemented property or function to detect when in a casual ascension

    Does that mean you don't want to provide the same warning to someone who (foolishly) spends 1000 turns in The Noob Cave to break ronin and then runs autoscend?
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    Feature - Implemented property or function to detect when in a casual ascension

    That value is not even checked by mafia. In general, can_interact() should be equivalent. No one has previously expressed an interest in knowing whether an ascension started out as Casual. Seems like it only matters if you're planning to do a 1-day casual and then a non-casual ascension in the...