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    Feature Adding "stop" for scripts to gracefully stop

    I second what rever said.
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    Feature Track combat loss when adventuring

    Unfortunately that doesn't solve my use case but I'm glad more information is accessible, thank you!
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    Feature Track combat loss when adventuring

    As a scripter, I want to know when a user loses a combat that my script started since it is a failure state. This information can be parsed from the result of run_combat() but is not available from adv1(), which is what I and many other scripters use to automate adventuring. Losing a combat can...
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    Bug - Fixed Unable to fetch TCRS data, fetches empty files

    On a clean install of the latest mafia (r26765), fetching the TCRS data for a given class and moon results in empty files being fetched. > tcrs fetch pastamancer, vole Local file TCRS_Pastamancer_vole.txt does not exist. Local file TCRS_Pastamancer_vole_cafe_booze.txt does not exist. Local...
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    Bug Mafia does not prompt to smash Hippy Stone when running pvp command

    Just paste `peevpee.php?action=smashstone&confirm=on` in the CLI.
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    Bug - Fixed Decorating Crimbo Shrub is marked as successful when it shouldn't be

    Attempting to decorate a Crimbo Shrub via visit_url without actually having obtained the decorations (by equipping the Crimb Shrub) results in mafia thinking it was successful despite it not being actually decorated. You don't have that item. Preference _shrubDecorated changed from false to...
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    Feature Count ascensions since rollover

    Proper mafia support for this would be amazing. I've been using the following function that parses the session log to count ascensions: import { fileToBuffer, myName, todayToString, } from "kolmafia"; export function ascensionsToday(): number { const sessionLog =...
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    Feature - Implemented Custom combat disable for fully scripted KoLMafia users

    I'll add my unsolicited two cents as a slightly below average scripter. I, like several others, would like the ability to handle combat exclusively within my scripts without ever falling back to my regular CCS (as @katyarn said, this is often detrimental). I have been able to achieve this by...
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia will not adventure without acquiring an anti-anti-antidote

    On r26488, mafia will not adventure in The Skeleton Store without acquiring an anti-anti-antidote. However, it fails to do so since I have 0 meat. To reproduce, have 0 meat and run the following: > ash my_meat() Returned: 0 > get autoAntidote 0 > ash adv1($location[The Skeleton Store], -1...
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    Feature - Rejected Get Equipment

    All good points, thanks for considering! For those who do want this functionality, this is what I came up with in TS: function getEquipment(): { [item: string]: number } { const items = [ Set(Slot.all().map((slot) => equippedItem(slot)))]; return items.reduce((obj, item) => { if...
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    Feature - Rejected Get Equipment

    My particular use case is cataloging every item a player has in their possession for tracking items earned over a period of time. I think it should be included because there are functions to get a player's items from every other source (display case, shop, inventory, storage, campground...
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    Feature - Rejected Get Equipment

    Would it be worth adding a function that returns a map of the currently equipped items to the amount equipped (similar to get)closet, get_inventory, etc)? This is currently possible using equipped_item and equipped_amount but a single function to achieve this would allow a player to get the...
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    Feature - Implemented Get Display Case Contents

    Mafia currently has functions for getting the contents of a player's inventory, shop, closet, and stash but not one for the display case. I believe adding a function for grabbing the contents of a player's display case (maybe get_display()?) would be a valuable additional for item tracking.