Bug Trainbots are non-copyable

All the Trainbot monsters from Crimbo '22 seem to be wrongly not marked as non-copyable.
I used the locket.js script installed from
svn checkout https://github.com/libraryaddict/KolLocket/branches/release/

which checks for copyable flag:
var totalMonsters = external_kolmafia_namespaceObject.Monster.all().filter(
(m) => m.copyable && !m.boss

Called via "locket all" it lists all the trainbots as missing. However they can't be fought via Genie wishes
and I'm pretty sure they couldn't be copied during Crimbo.
Brake-Operating Trainbot
Ping-Pong-Playing Trainbot
Track-Switching Trainbot
Drink-Delivery Trainbot
Luggage-Handling Trainbot
Ticket-Checking Trainbot
Table-Bussing Trainbot
Table-Waiting Trainbot
Wine-Pairing Trainbot
Coal-Shoveling Trainbot
Slag-Processing Trainbot
Steam-Routing Trainbot


Staff member
They couldn't be copied during Crimbo, but they were marked as copiable after Crimbo.

They can't be fought using Genie wishes because they have an "executeonwin" function. You can Rain Man them if you have factoids, and they're faxable.