Thinking of fixing isHippyStoreAvailable()


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I noticed that this function just returns whether the war is started but not finished which doesn't seem right. It would make sense to check for outfit status as well, for both pre-war and during war. I wanted to try a PR but am not sure if it's okay to change this since some scripts probably use it differently. Should I make a new function? Or can I just fix this one (assuming it's not intended)?


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  public static final boolean isHippyStoreAvailable() {
    return !QuestDatabase.getQuest(Quest.ISLAND_WAR).equals("step1");

That is used in two contexts:

NPCStoreDatabase when looking at "Hippy Store (PreWar)" after determining that you can get to the island and have the hippy outfit. NPCPurchaseRequest when looking at something OTHER than "Hippy Store (PreWar)" and using it to detect that after the war you don't need an outfit.

And also in RuntimeLibrary.

Now, I think that both of the NPC checks COULD be looking for "island war completed" directly, but, whatever.
Except, if we did that, then changing what the RuntimeLibrary function checks could very well do the kind of checking.

What is your use case for the library function?