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Language Server - Locations - rest (#49)

* remove license from Command.java
* Introduce the Range as a class extended by Token
Also unveils the location-related methods we'll be working with
* Add Location to Symbols
* makeZeroWidthLocation(Position)
* Introduce TypeReference
Variable has VariableReference, and Function has FunctionCall, but Type had no class representing a reference to it (storing its own Location)
* Merge the AggregateType constructors
* change how type references are handled
* Add Locations to Command classes other than Value
* streamline parseNumber a bit more
* Rename Run Checks -> Run Tests.

Apparently our repository still requires _something_ to be called Run
Tests. I guess I'd rather have a slightly misnamed task, than an empty
or redundant task.

* forgot the "@ Override" on those two

* forgot the "@ Override" on those two

* shift indentation to spaces

* apply spotless

* Merge with upstream/main (#15)

* Use Java 9, add spotless w/ google java style. (#47)

This is a proof-of-concept, and does not actually apply any formatting
changes yet. I'd prefer to make that formatting change in a standalone

This also removes some comments in the middle of imports in
KoLConstants.java because `./gradlew spotlessCheck` was yelling at me,
because Google Java Format (gojf) doesn't like that.

To reformat the code, you'll run `./gradlew spotlessApply`.

This adds some flags so gojf continues to work for newer Java versions
(16+). But for that, requires that the Java compiler be new enough to
support exports, aka at least Java 9, which coincidentally is the
highest version supported by OpenClover.

We really should switch away from OpenClover to something like JaCoCo.
(Coming soon!)

* Implicit Narrowing part 2 (#46)

Address additional implicit narrowing warnings

* Migrate from OpenClover to JaCoCo for coverage (#48)

* Use JaCoCo for coverage instead of Clover.

They have support for Java > 9...

* Remove Clover coverage comment.

This branch, if merged, will mean that we're no longer using Clover,
so it'll be moot.

* Update jenkinsfile, too.

I think this should work, but I could be wrong.

* Separate core gradle plugins from third-party.

This change also alphabetizes the plugins within each block to provide
some semblance of structure.

* Revert "Downgrade gradle wrapper to 7.0." (#55)

This reverts commit c77effb.

Now that we're recommending people to use Java 17, they're having
issues building.

We need at least Gradle 7.1.1 to build with Java 17.

* Updated to add JaCoCo test reports to Jenkins CI (#54)

* Update jenkinsfile

Updated to add JaCoCo test reports to Jenkins CI

* Update jenkinsfile

* Format the entirety of src/, test/. (#50)

This was done with `./gradlew spotlessApply`, followed by iterated
application of sed to deal with my precommit hook complaining (tabs
following space indentation as a result of commented-out blocks of

* Use Java 17 in actions (#51)

* Updating all dependencies except SwingX (#58)

ANTLR 3 Runtime 3.4 -> 3.52
FlatLaf 1.5 -> 1.6
FlatlLaf IntelliJ Themes Pack 1.5 -> 1.7
Add Flatlaf SwingX 1.6
JUnit Jupiter API 5.7.1 -> 5.8.0
JUnit Platform Launcher 1.7.2 -> 1.8.0
JUnit Vintage Engine 5.7.1 -> 5.8.0
Java Native Access 5.6.0 -> 5.9.0
Java Native Access Platform 5.6.0 -> 5.9.0
jansi 2.3.2 ->2.3.4

skipped SwingX, because it is causing conflicts with LockableListModel.
working locally, passing tests.

* Use browser launching code available since Java 1.6 (#60)

* Create CODEOWNERS file (#61)

This will just get github to automatically assign one of the team for reviewing PRs. I don't really recommend we use it in any more fine-grained way than this.

* Run gradle checks for pull requests. (#57)

* Run gradle checks for pull requests.

Among many other things, thiss will run spotlessCheck to make sure
that code has been properly formatted.

* Rename Run Checks -> Run Tests.

Apparently our repository still requires _something_ to be called Run
Tests. I guess I'd rather have a slightly misnamed task, than an empty
or redundant task.

* Require all files in test/root use newlines. (#63)

Our test setup specifies that the newline separator be \n so we can
actually use golden files for testing output of scripts. This doesn't
work so well when git mangles the golden files by adding newlines to

Co-authored-by: heeheehee <heeheehee@users.sourceforge.net>

* Deprecating ANT (#41)

* Deprecating ANT

* Deprecating ANT

* Enable gradle build cache (#65)

* Remove OSXAdapter and replace with Java built-ins (#64)

* Fix Taskbar API detection on unsupported platforms (#67)

* Only increment skill usage for successes. (#56)

* Only increment skill usage for successes.

Thanks to phreddrickk @ kolmafia.us for reporting this issue.

This adds an example of how one might use Mockito to inject a custom
response. It's not super-well-documented, but I promise all the bits
are necessary.

In particular: we need to set session ID or else GenericRequest.run()
will short-circuit, and we need to set max / current MP and "learn"
the skill so UseSkillRequest.run() won't reject it before even passing
it on to GenericRequest.

These test cases follow the standard arrange / act / assert model.

* Add a RequestTestBase for common setup / helpers.

Right now, this provides some testing the happy path: you specify some
response text for a spy, and we inject that data when you execute

Important: in order for everything to work end-to-end, you need to
provide a spy, not a regular mock. This allows us to exercise as much
real behavior as possible.

* Create README.md (#62)

* Create README.md

Just our description and some useful status badges

* Point release badge to the latest release page

* Better revision capture for StaticEntity (#68)

* Better revision capture for StaticEntity

* Check that attributes isn't null

* Restore kolmafia-license.txt

Somewhere we lost the license file and it's needed for About frame.

This change returned the about box from the mists of time.

If the correct answer is to remove the link for it, we coud do that, too.

* Run github PR checks against latest mac/windows. (#70)

* Run checks against latest mac/windows.

This also opts to use ubuntu-latest so we don't have to manually
configure it in the future.

Note that there are technically newer OSes than windows-latest and
macos-latest at this time, but I anticipate that these labels will be
automatically migrated over time (unlike a fixed label that will
require periodic maintenance).

* Add a placeholder dependent action.

This is effectively a no-op, but we need to perform _some_ action in
each step, and we need at least one step in each job.

This allows us to get around the naming issues where the main branch
expects a check with the name "Run Tests" to complete, while the
matrix strategy modifies the name of each of the subjobs.

* Comment on why we have this placeholder action.

This also improves the stdout message from "1" to "All checks
succeeded." because it doesn't cost anything to change a print

* Implicit Narrow (#53)

* Implicit Narrow

Eliminate the last of the implicit narrowing by cast warnings.

* Steps towards goal

Added test, reformatted a source file.

* Update SkillDatabaseTest.java

* Handle implicit narrowing

Create test for before/after comparison. Change code for easier access from test and then replace eventually incorrect calculation using Pow with something that is correct and won't overflow.

* Fix Formatting

Apparently telling IntelliJ to apply the Google format doesn't do what spotlessapply does.

* Update SVNManager.java (#71)

* Remove Ant build (#66)

* Use grgit for updating the repo from origin/main.

While we're at it, also remove the need for the git CLI for building
from source. We do need this to be run in a git repository with a .git
directory, though...

And, remove the dependency on build.xml and default.properties,
instead setting java.version in gradle.properties.

* Delete build.xml, default.properties, jars.

We haven't yet ported the javadoc task, exe / dmg building, or
whatever experimental coverage viewer there was. We might not need any
of those.

* Also delete build.properties.

I think this is only used in the Ant build.

* Delete the download, toCopy parts of build.gradle.

We no longer want to bundle jars explicitly (as we can / should
instead rely on Gradle to handle dependency management), so there's no
point in downloading them.

* Only count revisions for commits on origin/main.

This should prevent revision drift for those with lots of local

* Clean up build.gradle further.

- Fix formatting, which doesn't seem to be addressed by spotless for
some reason.

- Remove svnRevList. We're steering hard into using git.

- Remove redundant dependencies on gitRevList. pruneDist already
relies on it, so things that rely on pruneDist shouldn't need to
take an additional dependency.

* Improve gitUpdate functionality.

- Detect when no update is required.

- Pull from the current tracked branch, as opposed to always

- If an update is required, "stash" the existing changes by creating a
temp commit, rebase onto that temp commit, and then reset that

* Fix gradle formatting to use Eclipse style.

I don't really care about the style as long as it actually works for
nested blocks, which the previous one did not.

* Format gradle files exclusively with greclipse().

I think this is causing check failures.

* Add env variable for overriding the head commit.

This should allow us to pass $GITHUB_SHA when we detect the number of
revisions, rather than always using origin/main (which results in
building the same revision multiple times if PRs are merged in quick

* Typo (#73)

Fixed a typo

* Fix java source & target compatibility settings (#75)

* Link to the game in the README (#76)

* Test additional java releases (#74)

* forgot the "@ Override" on those two

* Fix release build not using correct commit (#72)

* Option to pass commit to gradle

* Fix release always using origin/main

* Include commit in getRevision inputs

* Remove Run Tests (I updated the branch protection)

* switch to project property

* Add info logging

* Numeric cast (#81)

* Update BasementRequest.java

Eliminate narrowing cast flagged by security

* Update BasementRequest.java

Clean ups suggested by IntelliJ's inspection.

* Update BasementRequest.java


* Update BasementRequest.java

* Migrate JUnit4 tests to JUnit5 (#78)

* Migrate tests to JUnit 5.

The most annoying ones were parameterized tests, since the structure
changed appreciably.

The others were mostly handled automatically by IntelliJ's migration
actions, coupled with some search-and-replace to use assertions

Note that this is based on the `antless` branch, since I didn't want
to deal with build.gradle merge conflicts shortly thereafter.

* Remove leftover JUnit 4 dependencies.

One test (SkillDatabaseTest) was added after I did the initial

This outright removes ErrorCollector from DataFileConsistencyTest,
since it no longer exists in JUnit 5. We could continue using it, but
I'd prefer not to if it means we can remove the dependency entirely.

* Remove JUnit 4, vintage engine from build.gradle.

To prevent backsliding in the future.

* Publish test reports.

While there's a comment insisting that it relies on pull_request_target (not
pull_request), the example code for the action suggests using it with
pull_request. Worth a shot, since I have no idea why a test is failing for Mac.

* Convert CustomScriptTest to a parameterized test.

I still have no idea why this is hanging in the MacOS build.


Note after the fact: this is no longer hanging in the MacOS build, as of the
migration to parameterized tests. I don't understand, but I'm not complaining.
Could have been a transient issue with the github test runners.

* Update BasementRequest.java (#83)

Somehow I failed to commit the most important line in a previous commit.

* Add -M modified flag to version number inside KoLmafia code (for title bar, logs, about, CLI version, etc) (#77)

* handle dirty repo builds with explicit flag that matches build.

* Delete svnrepo.json if it's bad. (#85)

If the file throws a JSONException when we try to parse it, it's most
likely not valid JSON. So, let's delete it.

* Warn desktops who cannot launch a browser. This is really just very old linux installations... but mafia tend to be like that (#82)

* Upgrade swingx to 1.6.1. (#79)

* Upgrade swingx to 1.6.1.

* Force update for each change to LockableListModel.

AutoFilterTextField had some cases where it did not update this

* Remove param from LockableListModel.updateFilter.

This parameter is error-prone and can readily cause the ListModel to
get out of sync with anything that's watching it.

We may see a slight performance hit from propagating updates more

* Remove remaining traces of toCopy source set.

We used this briefly for downloading jars for the Ant build.

Since the Ant build is no more, this is no longer necessary.

* Update AutoFilterTextField.java

Co-authored-by: jaadams5 <82782908+jaadams5@users.noreply.github.com>

* Add initial pass of CONTRIBUTING.md. (#87)

* Add initial pass of CONTRIBUTING.md.

There's a lot more room for expansion, but I think this is a good

* Add section on testing, more links.

* Fix spelling error.

archetecture -> architecture.

* Add some links to forum discussions.

We've discussed development practices in a few public threads. The two
I found covered CustomScriptTest and Gradle.

* Wordsmith CONTRIBUTING.md some more.

This rewrites the initial section to make it explicit that this
describes the workflow / process, and not any specific tooling.

This also reworks a couple of paragraphs under Guidelines.

* Fix gradle jar. (#88)

Veracity reported this breakage.

Clearly I need to expand my pre-commit hook.

* Replace line endings in test/ with LF. (#90)

I guess this file snuck in before we finally added coverage for the
directory in .gitattributes.

* Create OS-specific builds via jpackage (#86)

* Add bin task to Gradle.

This creates a binary in build/KoLmafia/bin/KoLmafia.

This change also adds a pruneBin task which is always run. I tried to
figure out how to set up inputs / outputs, but jpackage insists on
creating the output directory itself and will generate an error if
said directory already exists.

Follow-up changes will involve tinkering with a build matrix and
looking at the resulting artifacts.

* Copy-paste build to run ./gradlew bin.

I'm not actually sure what the resulting files will look like on
Windows / Mac, so here's to hoping I can actually see the artifacts
before trying to publish them.

* Upload all artifacts, then download them.

This allows us to get all of the artifacts in one single container so
we can theoretically publish them all at once later.

* Add name, runs-on to release job.

* Bundle artifacts as zips.

We actually need everything in the generated directory, not just the
runner binary.

* Move code into build/releases, stop using wildcard.

This attempted to save maybe one level of directory nesting, which I
don't think actually matters in practice.

* Stitch everything together.

This splits the existing daily job into two targets: jar and
release. `release` in turn depends on both `jar` and `bin`.

'bin' generates files Windows.zip, Linux.zip, and macOS.zip.

* Remove extra newline.

* Use jpackage-gradle-plugin instead of exec task.

It doesn't feel appreciably different, but maybe it's more readable.

* Improve portability of jpackage task.

Mac creates the directory `build/releases/KoLmafia.app`, whereas Linux
/ Windows create `build/releases/KoLmafia`. jpackage will create all
prerequisite directories, so it's fine with either deleting the inner
directory, or its parent.

* added appVersion, mac and windows package types, and mac icon

* Add Windows icon for binary release.

This uses the existing martini glass that was the KoLmelion icon once
upon a time.

Co-authored-by: BadHorseMonkey <58645293+BadHorseMonkey@users.noreply.github.com>

* Reject risky character names. (#91)

* Reject risky character names.

We don't expect to ever receive character names containing '.', '/',
or '\', but if we do, we shouldn't accept them, as this introduces a
risk of directory traversal which can allow attackers to break out of

* Improve username validation.

Name must be 3-30 characters long.
Name must start with a letter.
Name must be letters, numbers, spaces and underscores,
and may not contain more than one space in a row.

We're not handling requirements 2 or 4, but that's okay. It's better
than what we were doing before.

* Add explicit check for ".." to make CodeQL happier.

The code seems like it checks for this specifically.....


* Rip out jquery dependency. (#89)

* Rip out jquery dependency.

The features we rely on are native JS replacements as of IE9 or so.

https://www.w3counter.com/trends says that maybe 0.1-0.2% of users are
on IE8 and below, if even that.

But also, this is only relevant if you aren't using KoL's action bar.

* Fix translation error.

If we're using document.getElementById and not document.querySelector,
we don't need the # prefix, nor do we need to access into an array,
since it only returns a single element (or null).

* Basic support for vintner (and chateau de vinegar change) (#92)

* Use consequences.txt for more item description parsing than we once were (#94)

* Add tests for BasementRequest. (#84)

* Add tests for BasementRequest.

IMPORTANT: this change upgrades our required Java version to 11.
This is the LTS release immediately following 8, so I don't anticipate
as many breakages as the previous bump from 8 to 9.

This isn't complete by any means (we're still missing elemental tests
and HP/MP drain, as well as rewards), but it's a start.

* Bump minimum Java required in README.

* Set username instead of mocking Preferences.

It turns out that mocking static methods of Preferences is slow for
various reasons.

That said, we can set preferences and read per-user defaults if we
just set a username. It creates a default CCS file in test/root, but
that's a small price to pay.

This change also sets the min Java version in the readme to 11, since
I'd missed that the first time around. Again, we don't have to bump
the min version now if we don't want to; I'll just need to type a
little bit more.

* Revert Mockito dependency change.

We're no longer trying to mock static methods, so we should be able to
use mockito-core again.

* Check for null in UseItemEqnueuePanel. (#95)

We apparently need to do this every time we want to access a method of
item. Worth refactoring on a later date so this is less dangerous.

This change also resolves a mismatch between the item name (1950
Vampire Vintner wine) and its presence in inebriety.txt,
modiiers.txt, and statuseffects.txt.

For reasons, we only expanded DataFileConsistencyTest to cover
inebriety.txt (since it best fit the model used by the existing check
of equipment.txt).

* Fix out of bounds error in Robocore (#98)

* Finally got the guzzlr gold algorithm (#99)

* Little mess up in ParserTest.java (#101)

* Little mess up in ParserTest.java

When making the transition to Junit5, one of the parenthesis was added *in a comment*!

* need to remove that comma

* correct the indentation

* Turns out spotless was whining about more than just indentation

* Revert "Upgrade swingx to 1.6.1. (#79)" (#100)

* Revert "Upgrade swingx to 1.6.1. (#79)"

This reverts commit 28affc9.

* Remove toCopy again.

We still want to get rid of this target, since building via Ant is no

* Remove toCopy, part 2.

When we re-added configurations, we put it in a different place. This
stanza that was re-added is now entirely redundant.

* shift indentation to spaces

* apply spotless

Co-authored-by: heeheehee-kolmafia <83351434+heeheehee-kolmafia@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Jamie Adams <82782908+jaadams5@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Clements <fewyn@fewyn.net>
Co-authored-by: Joe Kirchoff <Kirchoff.Joseph.P@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: BadHorseMonkey <58645293+BadHorseMonkey@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Samuel Gaus <sam@gaus.co.uk>
Co-authored-by: heeheehee <heeheehee@users.sourceforge.net>

* glitch that happened when resolving merge conflicts?

* Turns out squash-and-merge was a bad idea
so I had to do it again anyway...

* Introduce LocatedValue<V>.
This uses the static method
*<V extends Value> LocatedValue<V> wrap(V value, Location location)*
to allow Parser to attach a Location to Values.
Values are too used outside of Parser for us to attach Locations to the natively.

I would have much prefered to usea dynamic method for the wrapping
i.e. *<value>.wrap(<location>)*, as opposed to the current
*Value.wrap(<value>, <location>)*, but this, sadly, prevents us from
adding a generic type to the resulting LocatedValue...
(because of how hard it is to typecast *Value.this*)

* rename fileURI

* makeZeroWidthLocation(Position) was meant for the warning
about missing comma between record initializers.
Since we changed it to an error, it's no longer needed.

* Must have been an issue when merging...

* Evaluable!! \o/

* rename parseValue

* Evaluable directly applied to upstream/main

* rename Value.LocateValue

* TypedNode interface

* note about LocatedValue.evaluatesTo expecting an exact match

* Rename LocatedValue, and add a small comment about it

* spotless >:c

* revert now-unnecessary change

* spotlessApply

* commit to reset tests, 1/2

* commit to reset tests, 2/2

* #removeAscensionHistoryRequestTest

* #removeAscensionHistoryRequestTest

* seems like these escaped the TypeNode fix

* make range manipulation methods static

* re-order some location manipulation methods

* add mergeLocations(Location,Location)
also make makeLocation(Location,Range) static

* use Parser.mergeLocations outside of Parser

* update Command.setLocation's comment

* *rolls eyes*

* *rolls eyes*

* Move Line / Token / Comment to a separate file.

* test positions (#17)

* move getTokensContent to ParserTest

* proof of concept

* split testScriptValidity into 2 possible tests

* reduce visibility of getTokensXXX
they _maybe_ will end up getting called from outside, but it's so far away
that it's better to just make them private for now anyway

* make ValidScriptData.positions final
not that it wasn't planned, but sure, let's take care of it now.

* All were done by manually to ensure integrity
this took so long :,(

* rename getTokensX
Sure, what's the harm

* apply spotless

* update tests to conform to the fact that Token is now a Range

* fix endOfFile length

* spotless

* test Line's two new methods

* wasn't seen as a conflict...

* ForLoop implicit increment location

changed at the last minute; this should have been in #239 ...

* IncDec locations

* FunctionCall locations

* CompositeReference locations

* Coercion function call locations

* Assignment locations

* Concatenate locations

* Expression locations

* spotless

* Parser.mergeLocations(Command, Command)

* spotless (°///°)

Co-authored-by: heeheehee-kolmafia <83351434+heeheehee-kolmafia@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Jamie Adams <82782908+jaadams5@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Clements <fewyn@fewyn.net>
Co-authored-by: Joe Kirchoff <Kirchoff.Joseph.P@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: BadHorseMonkey <58645293+BadHorseMonkey@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: Samuel Gaus <sam@gaus.co.uk>
Co-authored-by: heeheehee <heeheehee@users.sourceforge.net>

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