r25767 - Disable DebugDatabaseTest.checkZapGroups(). ([URL='https://github.com/kolmafia/kolmafia/pull/106']#106[/URL]) * Disable DebugDatabaseTest.ch

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Disable DebugDatabaseTest.checkZapGroups(). (#106)

* Disable DebugDatabaseTest.checkZapGroups().

This test relies on the wiki, which seems to be down for me right

In general, tests that rely on external data (especially ones that
rely on the network) should be avoided to ensure future

* Wrap URL.openConnection.

This controls all current accesses outside of DataUtilities (since
that lives in lib/).

As such, we can then use this in a new JUnit 5 extension that forces
it to return null (thereby generating a NPE for any users, and
probably causing network-dependent tests to fail unless they are
robust against this scenario).

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