Question - Mafia Interface Chat 'Name Click' Behaviors


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Hi there,

New poster here and relatively new Mafia user. This may have been resolved years ago and I just can't seem to find the solution but..

I'm noticing something weird in the kolmafia chat.

Only sometimes, clicking on a player's username to show their profile or their mall store will pull the user ID# for the query (so the resulting window shows their data).

ex: when the 'Name click' behavior is set to 'Name click shows player profile', resulting pop-up window takes me to:
"showplayer.php?who=2790818" (my KoL profile, for reference :)) - This address shows my profile.

Most of the time, it will pull the user's player name into the query, resulting in errors that prevent use of several of these 'Name click' functions.

ex: when the 'Name click' behavior is set to 'Name click shows player profile', resulting pop-up window takes me to:
"showplayer.php?who=Pandamanster" (using my username as ref) - This address gives me an error saying "Sorry, this player could not be found" (Note: this will not happen with my own username, of course)

So far, when running into second scenario, I have determined a couple things will guarantee these 'Name click' functions will take me to the appropriate place:
- adding the user to my contacts list and THEN clicking their name (from a message sent at a timestamp that is after I have done so)
- running /whois on the player, clicking their name through in the /whois return text and THEN clicking their name (from message at a later time stamp)

Other things I have tried
- running /who in both the relay chat interface AND the mafia chat interface before retrying (may have some yet undetermined effect on some groups at a time)
- refreshing my session before trying a second time (no immediate difference that I can determine)
- restarting/updating Mafia (of course) (no difference)
- changing whether the links open in relay or Mafia (no difference)
- trying a combination of all of the above until I get the player's mall store in the Purchases tab of the GUI or the player's profile in either relay or Mafia pop-up

I'm betting there's a pre-existing answer out there that I haven't found the right keywords to locate yet - if you know of it can someone please link me to it or possibly explain to me what I might be missing?

Thank you so much in advance,