Feature - Implemented Mafia knowing locations and IotM are non-standard


So I've been having problems with Rollover Manager, and it happens a lot when it thinks things are available, but they aren't Standard (but they still show up for some reason.)
While editing the script I noticed it checked "snojoAvailable" which really should be false because it's not available. Maybe a "snojoUnlocked" or "snojoOwned" value, and then when you ascend it turns all of those to false. When you break the prism, it sets them all to true.

This might be tough to maintain, but I saw that you go through updates and changes every Standard already.

Thank you for your time.


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There might be a vocabulary issue. You say Standard but describe "trendy". If so a well written script can check availability if it needs to. I think mafia can filter on it although I can't verify my memory at the moment.


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There are two kinds of check:

Is the Snojo available to me in the kind of run I am in? I.e., "false" if Standard restrictions are in effect and "true" if non-Standard or aftercore.
If the Snojo is not restricted, do I have access to it?

You check if the Snojo is affected by Standard using is_unrestricted( $item[ X-32-F snowman crate ] ).
You check if you bought & installed a Snojo using get_property( "snojoAvailable" ).to_boolean().


You check if Witchess is affected by Standard using is_unrestricted( $item[ Witchess Set ] ).
You check if you have one in your campground using ( get_campground() contains $item[ Witchess set ] )

All the properties you mention reflect the state of your character without Standard restrictions.
If you want to see if you can use them now, use is_unrestricted() on the item that grants access to the special location.


Shouldn't this be Feature - Already implemented. :-D

I shouldn't have doubted you, you're way ahead of me. Keep up the great work you guys!