Bug Mafia has decided to use free rests on the floor instead of at the campaway site


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Session logs indicate that this first occured on November 20 using build 25846. I've now updated to 25899, but this hasn't fixed the issue. I haven't knowingly changed anything about my script or my preferences.

I am looping HCCS, and I'm using free rests at the campaway site for MP generation, meaning mafia failing to see campaway is causing the HCCS script to fail because I can't resource the necessary buffs.

Relevant preferences:
mpAutoRecoveryItems=free rest;generic mana potion

<= 19 November
[1] Rest in your campaway tent
You gain 92 hit points
You gain 135 Mana Points

>=20 November
[1] Rest in your dwelling
You gain 4 hit points
You gain 5 Mana Points

I currently don't have "rest in your campaway tent" ticked in HP/MP restores (and have never had this ticked), since this implies that mafia will use this when I'm out free rests and I don't want that to happen.

This feels like a bug, but rationally I'm not sure how it can be because 25846 used campaway on the 19 November and all days previous, and then changed it's mind. Since I didn't change builds, this suggests it's something I've inadvertently changed. Can anyone help me figure this out please?


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I've figured out what's happening.

In HCCS you don't have access to the Distant Woods as standard but you can open it by starting the White Citadel Quest, so I've been doing this in my afterHCCS script so that I can access the free tentacle. However, the script downstream then fails to fight the tentacle unless I physically refresh the map and click on the Distant Woods. This is annoying, so I thought I would try and fix it by adding the following after opening the guild and starting the quest:


This didn't work, and I have today learned that it also causes this property to change:

getawayCampsiteUnlocked => false

This property then remains false through subsequent ascensions until I set it back to true via set_property. This is what was causing the free rest problem. And I still can't automatically fight the tentacle.

So, I can stop trying to visit the Woods URL, and that solves the free rest problem. But that still leaves the following:

1) I can automatically start the White Citadel quest and gain access to the Woods, but this code will then fail unless I physically navigate to the Woods for the first time after doing so. How can I make Mafia see that I have gained access to the Woods without having to click on the map?
if (!to_boolean(get_property("_eldritchTentacleFought")))         {
        run_choice(1);                                            }

2) Even if Mafia thinks I can't access the Woods, should it be updating the getawayCampsiteUnlocked property given you're able to access it externally to the Woods being available (e.g. via chat "/go campsite" or by visiting the campsite URLs)?


I don't think KoLMafia should flag getawayCampsiteUnlocked as false if you own it, that one is just not in the correct place since distant woods access isn't required to visit it.

With regards to your issue, if you have to click on the map to access the distant woods and that url doesn't work, then perhaps there's another quest state you need to do, like talk to the White Citadel Quest giver again before visiting there?


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I don't bother unlocking the forest in community service and the only time I've ever had a problem with getaway camp not working there is when all my preferences are reset somehow (from mafia crashing/computer crashing/power failure). Mafia doesn't autodetect whether someone has the getaway camp or not, so the preference saying you have it (getawayCampsiteUnlocked) needs to manually be set, in addition to the ones saying to prefer sleeping there (which you've already listed).