lost meat:


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"You really shouldn't make these things in quantities this large. If you end up with more than about 16 million of any given item, you'll lose the excess, which means you'll lose Meat. This is because of... a... wizard. Yeah. A wizard. A wizard who doesn't like numbers larger than 16 million."

So I was turning 205m into pastes (since I like to store meat in my DC so if I'm on a multi I can look at my current bank, makes the meat safer from script error, etc). Also I use in my scripts pastes, stacks, and DMS for different metrics so I can see where my chars are preforming.... stores, liquid farming, and long terms storage. Up until now this wasnt an issue, but I had a good store day. Anyway, I didn't know about the 16m, if more loss thing. So my idea is, have mafia make sure you cant go over 16m of any of each of these.


Just to be clear: if you "multi-create" more than 2^24 stacks, there is a KoL bug and you only get 2^24 stacks and loose all the meat you wanted to transform?


I think I took it to mean if any location ever has more than 2^24 stacks bad stuff happens, so can Mafia stop you trying. Seems like there's a lot of places you'd have to handle that, but maybe it's not that bad.