Is there a script for Familiar Drops?

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I hope this is the right place to ask. (And yes I did try a search 1st.)

I'm looking for a script that will look at my familiars, determine which ones drop content (like groose grease or astral mushrooms etc.), allow me to choose the familiars I want to use, then adventure till it gets the 5 drops, then move on to the next one.

If a script like this doesn't exist, I'd be willing to discuss payment for someone to compile it for me.

Thank you,
--Ravenous Muffin


I use this to determine what drops I've yet to get:
void main() {
    string[familiar] dropperProperty;
    int[familiar] otherThan5;
    string[item] itDropperProperty;
    int[item] noOfDrops;
    item[familiar] itemDroppedFam;
    item[item] itemDroppedItem;
    string colour;
    int valueOfDrops;
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Astral Badger]] = "_astralDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Green Pixie]] = "_absintheDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Llama Lama]] = "_gongDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Baby Sandworm]] = "_aguaDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Rogue Program]] = "_tokenDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Li'l Xenomorph]] = "_transponderDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Bloovian Groose]] = "_grooseDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Blavious Kloop]] = "_kloopDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Pair of Stomping Boots]] = "_bootStomps";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Unconscious Collective]] = "_dreamJarDrops";
    dropperProperty[$familiar[Angry Jung Man]] = "_jungDrops";
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Astral Badger]] = $item[Astral Mushroom];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Green Pixie]] = $item[tiny bottle of absinthe];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Llama Lama]] = $item[Llama lama gong];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Baby Sandworm]] = $item[Agua de vida];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Rogue Program]] = $item[Game Grid token];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Li'l Xenomorph]] = $item[transporter transponder];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Bloovian Groose]] = $item[groose grease];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Blavious Kloop]] = $item[devilish folio];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Pair of Stomping Boots]] = $item[hobo paste];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Unconscious Collective]] = $item[Unconscious Collective Dream Jar];
    itemDroppedFam[$familiar[Angry Jung Man]] = $item[jar of psychoses (The Meatsmith)];
    itDropperProperty[$item[Snow Suit]] = "_carrotNoseDrops";
    itemDroppedItem[$item[Snow Suit]] = $item[carrot nose];
    otherThan5[$familiar[Angry Jung Man]] = 1;
    otherThan5[$familiar[Pair of Stomping Boots]] = 7;
    noOfDrops[$item[Snow Suit]] = 3;
    foreach f in dropperProperty {
        colour = "red";
        if (have_familiar(f)) {
            valueOfDrops = (historical_age(itemDroppedFam[f])>1)? mall_price(itemDroppedFam[f]) : historical_price(itemDroppedFam[f]);
            if (otherThan5 contains f) {
                if (get_property(dropperProperty[f]) >= otherThan5[f]) {
                    colour = "blue";
                print(get_property(dropperProperty[f]) + "/" + otherThan5[f] + " " + ((otherThan5[f]==1)? to_string(itemDroppedFam[f]) : to_plural(itemDroppedFam[f])) + " from the " + f + " (worth " + valueOfDrops + " meat.)", colour);
            } else {
                if (get_property(dropperProperty[f]) >= 5) {
                    colour = "blue";
                print(get_property(dropperProperty[f]) + "/5" + " " + to_plural(itemDroppedFam[f]) + " from the " + f + " (worth " + valueOfDrops + " meat.)", colour);
    foreach it in itDropperProperty {
        colour = "red";
        if (available_amount(it) > 0) {
            valueOfDrops = (historical_age(itemDroppedItem[it])>1)? mall_price(itemDroppedItem[it]) : historical_price(itemDroppedItem[it]);
            if (get_property(itDropperProperty[it]) >= noOfDrops[it]) {
                colour = "blue";
            print(get_property(itDropperProperty[it]) + "/" + noOfDrops[it] + " " + ((noOfDrops[it]==1)? to_string(itemDroppedItem[it]) : to_plural(itemDroppedItem[it])) + " from the " + it + " (worth " + valueOfDrops + " meat.)", colour);
It only spews out information, but it shouldn't be too hard to implement something like what you want from it. I seem to remember that I did something like what you ask for in this script, but since I've not received much response to that thread lately, and I'm not really doing much adventuring in Hobopolis myself, it's been a while since I looked at it. It might give you some ideas for how to proceed with the script you want though :)


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And BBB will do that for you along with everything else. In the most recent versions, it should allow choosing your familiar ordering as well. But it does lots of other stuff also.

Ravenous Muffin

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The reason I was asking is that I don't know how to script. None of these seem to be what I'm looking for, and I don't know what BBB is that Theraze mentions. Thanks anway, and Happy New Year's all!


The reason I was asking is that I don't know how to script. None of these seem to be what I'm looking for, and I don't know what BBB is that Theraze mentions. Thanks anway, and Happy New Year's all!

BBB is Best Between Battle Script Ever and can be found here. It has the function of swapping familiars while you adventure to farm the drops from them but also does a lot of other things as well.