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Here's a little script to adventure in the 8-Bit Realm, cycling through the four zones, maximizing for the needed mod, using equipment only.
You need to have a Mood set up to keep up desired effects.
You need to have a CCS which can handle all the monsters. Chances are, only the ghost (which is physical resistant) needs special care.
You need a Meat Drop familiar (for The Fungus Plains) and an Item Drop familiar (for everywhere else).

For me, it worked like a charm:

> high-score 100000
...maximizing, familiar switching, combats
Gained 80000 points. Current score = 100000 using 200 adventures.

Script uses Hobo Monkey and Jumpsuited Hound Dog, as coded, but if you need to use other familiars, change the first two lines of the script:

familiar meat_familiar = $familiar[hobo monkey];
familiar item_familiar = $familiar[jumpsuited hound dog];

I don't want to spend a lot time customizing this, but feel free to make suggestions.


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Not really a feature request but just an observation. I tried this in an AOSOL run. It didn't help because I could not kill some monsters in some zones unless I had specific equipment and when the script changed my equipment I ended up beaten up. I can certainly make suit_up into a stub that works around that so nothing needs to be done but this comment might help other folks manage expectations.