Bug First Fight With Survival Knife Incorrectly Tracks desertExploration


Had a few autoscend runs fail due to desertExploration being at 100 in mafia, but actually at 98 in game. Did some investigating (extra logging) and root cause is an interesting and unknown to me behavior of the survival knife. Per the wiki it doesn't give it's +2 progress for the first fight in the desert


Sequence of my events:
1. Use milestone. Progress = 5
2. First fight in desert. Survival knife and UV-compass equipped. Mafia said progress is now 9. Actual (per game UI) is 7
3. Subsequent fights mafia and game agree that progress increments by 4


Not clear yet exactly what game state is needed for no knife progress.

First combat in zone?
First combat with knife equipped?
All combats until Oasis is open?

I'll attempt to spade this later today


Went to the desert with Ultrahydrated from a wish, thinking the oasis wouldn't open. It did. So I think it is valid to only count the survival knife progress if oasis is open, via the existing pref `oasisAvailable`

An alterative idea, that is larger in scope, is to parse the end of combat string which states both exploration progress and total current progress1719857327392.png