Change font size?


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Hello! I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything that helped - is there a way to increase the font size/window size on mafia? I tried looking under Preferences/Look and Feel, but it only offered color/skin options - the mafia interface somehow has really tiny font that I'm struggling to read :(

Thank you in advance!


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Are you using Linux with a HiDPI monitor? If so, this thread on adding a property to your CLI may be helpful.

If that's not it, you may want to go into the preferences and see if a different look and feel changes the font size in a useful way.
I'm on a windows 10 pc and have gone into the preferences, but all the options there only seem to change the text/background colors - the text is half the size of the font on this forum! I'm honestly not sure what else I can do :(


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Let's start with, "eventually into a batch file that will execute the java command line".

Prior to making that do the following steps to figure out what should be in the eventual batch file you will write...
  1. Test that java is in your path by opening a command prompt and typing java --version
    1. If it comes back with a java version, go on to step 2.
    2. otherwise, put java in your path and repeat step 1.
  2. From the command line launch KoLmafia
    1. Change to the directory with the Kolmafia jarfile
    2. type java -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false -jar <jarfile>
Where <jarfile> is something like KoLmafia-20434.jar or something similar.


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wait - I've just reinstalled mafia (the latest version - somehow I got an older version previously) and all the fonts are bigger now! huge sigh of relief! I'm using the Cobalt 2 skin for extra contrast :D

Thank you for all your help!