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I tend to be a late adopter, so to speak, of new challenge paths. If they have "points" that make subsequent runs in the same path easier, I'll max them out in HC during the season. Otherwise, I'll do a single run to see what it's like and get the Thwaitgold reward.

This path seems to be of the latter variety.

Looking at the KoL Wiki, it seems like one big thing KoLmafia could help with is in the Item Manager.



  • Attempting to eat food with non-zero Us gives: "The Us in this have made it rotten."
  • Attempting to eat food with zero Is gives: "There are not enough Is in this food to be worth eating."
  • Otherwise, adventure gain per fullness is 1.5 times the number of Is. The total is rounded up. Quality is ignored.
    • For example, a four-fullness digital key lime pie has four Is and will give 4 * 4 * 1.5 or 24 adventures.
  • None of the above apply to beverages. You can drink them even if they have non-zero Us or zero Is, and they give the usual number of adventures. This may be a bug.


  • Each I in the item name raises the maximum adventures you get from drinking it by 1 (Effectively a 0.5 adventure increase per I.)
  • Drunkenness is increased by 1 for each U in the name of the item. The extra drunkenness does not give more adventures, it just fills up your liver.
    • However, the extra drunkenness does give extra adventures if you cast Ode to Booze.
    • For example, the 3-drunk bottle of rum has a U and will give 4 drunkenness, but the same number of adventures as it would normally. Ode to Booze, if you have it, will work with the added point of drunkenness.
    • An Imp Ale, normally only 1 adventure, will give 1-2 adventures in-path.


  • Spleen items do not seem to be affected by I or U.

- Food Panel should filter out non-beverage food with no Is
- Food Panel should adjust displayed adventure gain
- Booze Panel should adjust adventure gain for number of Is
- Booze Panel should adjust drunkenness for number of Us
- Storage Panel should filter out I-less food - if the in-style box is checked?

Also, equipment gets modifiers added based on number of Is and Us and equipment type.
The maximizer will care about that.


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Food with a U in it are inedible, regardless of the amount of Is, naturally this makes Muffins not usable.
Edit: this needs more testing, but potion with Us in them have less effect duration then ones without, Is may effect it too, I'm still early in the run but that will need consideration too.

Edit 2: by the looks of things, Is add two to a duration and Us take away one from the duration. giant giant moth dust for example has a duration of 53 adventures, which is presumably 50+2+2-1.

Edit 3: There is an adventure that occurs every now and again where a beholder gives you a random blessing, Mafia does not seem to recognise it and it breaks automation as a result.
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You can set that choice adventure to pick 1 and mafia will automate through it.

The council text has changed. Which is what I believe causes mafia to get out of sink with the quests. I find visiting the "complete quests" page gets things to sync up again.
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