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Thread: One-Click Wossname -- automatic level 12 quest completion

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    After Running this script with the fix, the only complaint I have is when this message appears:

    That it gets stuck in a loop. I get that the message says I need to adventure manually, or up my stats, but it would be good if the script terminated instead of looped indefinitely.
    Originally Posted by ryan_the_leach View Post
    The script might be fighting with KOL, itself. You'll need to open the relay browser, then go to KOL's "Options" menu, scroll down on the "Interface" section, and check the "Disable "This area might be too tough for you" warnings" box under the "Miscellaneous Interface Options" heading.
    Also it may be fighting with Mafia's settings. Go into Mafi's "Preferences", go to "-Relay Browser" under "Look and Feel", and uncheck the box beside "Warn if about to adventure somewhere which contains common adventures you are unprepared for or can unlock but haven't".
    In KOL: VladYvhuce (#1798867)

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    How do I get this to work in LtA?

    It wants me to use a familiar, but I can't seem to find the variable to set to tell it to go without one.

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    Easy solution: Using a different script that's still updated.
    Hard solution: Modifying zlib's best_fam function to return $familiar[none] if you're in LtA. Fix everything else that's changed since 2013.

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    Such as? Can't find anything else rn.

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