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Thread: Simple combat strategy for Boris

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    Default Simple combat strategy for Boris

    I'd like to set up a really simple combat script for boris where, if to-hit < say 50%, i start with intimidating bellow, then either attack with mighty axing (assuming I deleveled the mob enough to increase to-hit > 50%, or intimidating belch. Once I get broadside, I may want to add that in there as well as needed since, at least what I've seen, if you're running any ML at all, you're gonna be at 0% chance to evade (you *will* get hit and 10 mp is almost always cheaper than 100hp).

    Geesh, I guess it'd be nice if Belch knew whether I'd eaten enough to kill the mob in question.

    Anyway, surely someone with more batskills than I do has done/is working on something like this. Any suggestions where to start?

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    The current problem with Boris-runs in a batbrain-includign consult script is that batbrain and batfactors doesn't know about the Boris-skills meaning it'll never pick them. I've added Mighty Axing and Heroic Belch locally, but they are not in the "main" version.

    That said I don't think the formulas for any of the Boris-skills have been sufficiently spaded yet to actually be safely used.
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    Yeah, I may have to do it with ccs, i'm thinking [section delevel], [section stun] and adding monsters manually as I enter each zone.

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