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Thread: KGE Uniform and Resting

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    Default KGE Uniform and Resting

    I'm curious if anyone has thought of this as a viable option or brought this up before. I know that this uses an adventure, however, so does using your campground after your free uses. And this option seems a bit better than using your campground until you get the house. Any thoughts?

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    I've seen that brought up before, but I never expend adventures to rest (with very few exceptions), so it seems rather unexciting to add to my recovery script.

    I just don't think that adventures should be automatically expended to recover HP/MP. You're better off equipping a ghoul or starfish familiar. If you're doing this, then you should discover alternate ways to heal or make the decision yourself without relying on mafia to do it automatically.
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    I could see using it in niche cases in BM, but I can't imagine wanting it in a script.

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