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Thread: Composable Moods

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    Default Composable Moods

    I would like to define moods for things like +muscle, +combat, -combat, +item, and be able to turn more than one of them on at the same time.

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    YOu can. YOu can call one mood from within another mood, I can't remember how at the moment though so I hope someone else comes along and explains it shortly...
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    Holatuwol added and tweaked this functionality with r9181, r9183, r9184 and r9190, but apart from the commit messages, little has been said about it, and I don't think many people use it.

    These changes allow you to define moods ("parent" moods) which can be referenced by other moods ("child" moods).

    For example, let's say you have the following moods:
    - Leash of Linguini
    - Springy Fusili
    - The Magical Mojomuscular Melody
    - Musk of the Moose
    - Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation
    - Smooth Movement
    - The Sonata of Sneakiness
    - The Polka of Plenty
    - Wasabi Sinuses
    - Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric
    - Peeled Eyeballs
    These can be used as "parent" moods. You can now create "child" moods which reference those by using the "extends" keyword in the mood's name. For example, I can create a mood named "castle extends general, +combat, meat". You will end up with a mood like this:
    castle extends general, +combat, meat
    - Leash of Linguini
    - Springy Fusili
    - The Magical Mojomuscular Melody
    - Musk of the Moose
    - Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation
    - The Polka of Plenty
    - Wasabi Sinuses
    The actual name of the mood is still "castle", though, and that's what you should use if you want to change your mood in the gCLI. To use the "castle" mood, simply use the following command:
    mood castle
    If you decide you also want to run +item in the castle, you can redefine parent moods (to add or remove parents) via the gCLI by using this command:
    mood castle extends general, +combat, meat, item
    If you decide you want to use reodorants for +combat, you can add it to the +combat mood, and it will automatically be added to the castle mood.
    You can also add triggers that are specific to the "castle" mood. Those will stay even if you remove its parents.
    If you want to clear out all the parents of the "castle" mood, simply do the following in the gCLI:
    mood castle extends apathetic

    The change in r9190 is of particular interest to scripters (and directly answers vacknevbimeg's request). With the above parent moods defined, you can set the current mood like this:
    mood general, -combat, item
    It will create a temporary mood with no name which uses the specified list of moods for its parents. This mood gets its parents replaced whenever you specify another mood with the mood command.
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    That is an excellent writeup. Any volunteers to put it on the Wiki?
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    Thank you.

    I love you.

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    Added to wiki's To-Do List for reference. (No time to think about formatting at the moment, so I put a reference there instead.)
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    Default Alternate Moods Interface

    Hey guys,

    I recently had an idea for changing the interface for mood setup. The current list method is somewhat cumbersome in-run. My current method of managing moods is to have three different moods for when I want +combat, -combat, or neither. However, there are other factors that influence what buffs I want to be running, and to create different moods for all of these combinations would be fairly impractical.

    So, what I am suggesting is a checkbox-based mood creator. The user can can create custom categories (for example, +combat, -combat, +meat, etc.), and these groups can be toggled on and off such that the real "mood" is simply the aggregate of all effects that are currently turned on. Individual effects should also be toggle-able.

    Not sure if I'm making myself clear enough, or if there is already some way of doing this, but I think this will be a nifty feature for Mafia.

    Thanks for making this great program, and keep up the great work!


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    Merged. Read slyz's post for a way that you can achieve what you want.

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    Thanks. Functionally, this is exactly what I was looking for. It would be incredibly convenient if there was some sort of graphical interface for this, but this will work very nicely for now.

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    It would be incredibly convenient if there was some sort of graphical interface for this.
    Originally Posted by vampirewolf3 View Post
    Yup, that would be incredibly convenient. Unfortunately our devs do not like taking time away from their jobs and families for things that are low priority unless they personally find it fun. That's why it isn't likely to happen since we have the functionality.

    Yeah, I know you get that already. It's just easy to forget for a few moments that it sounds snippy to other people when you say a thing like that.
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