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Thread: Add Chest of the Bonerdagon to ascension checklist

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    Default Add Chest of the Bonerdagon to ascension checklist

    This probably wasn't a problem before Bees Hate You but I'm pretty sure I forgot to use my chest on freeing the king last run. The Cook Keys checklist item has saved me many times.

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    Not necessary, since it automatically uses it for you when you ascend, like other Quest items.

    Here is my session log from the last time I jumped through the gap:

    ascend.php?action=ascend&pwd&confirm=on&confirm2=o n

    use 1 chest of the Bonerdagon
    You gain 150 Strengthliness
    You gain a Muscle point!
    You gain 203 Wizardliness
    You gain a Mysticality point!
    You gain a Level!
    You gain 150 Roguishness
    You gain a Moxie point!
    You gain 3,000 Meat

    autosell: 2 vial of red slime, 2 vial of blue slime
    You gain 132 Meat

    Welcome to Valhalla!
    Your Karma balance is 161
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    Ah nice, didn't want to test it

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