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Thread: PvP Diet Balance and Wine tasting. [spoilers]

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    Default PvP Diet Balance and Wine tasting. [spoilers]

    I want to make a set of scripts that save the current consumption records and compare them to the last 30days records for use in eating the best food/booze to get adventures and improve mini's.
    I think this is possible but rather a large process.
    Has anyone made anything like this before?

    With records being kept a few end functions could return:

    1)Todays menu:
    -A simple comparison between 2 records would show which items have been consumed; comparing this to a ordered list of foods would provide the best options to eat new foods/drinks.
    (could also mark which items are "in-stock")
    -If all items had been consumed (or if you wanted to limit yourself to the better items) the menu would need to list the items that are oldest on the consumption list.

    Which leads to another function:

    2) When did I last eat/drink this?
    This would require alot of comparisons and may be best handled by building a list of items consumed each day.

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    Default Re: PvP Diet Balance and Wine tasting. [spoilers]

    I have not the foggiest how one could do this in ASH, but I suspect it would utilise the file_to_map and split functions in some way, to save and parse the data. It'd be tricky, to say the least.

    As an alternative, this is what many serious pvpers do, as far as I know:
    NOTE: I am not really a serious pvper, I just dabble in it.

    That site lets you compare consumption records, and can list what you have not eaten/drunk.
    I suspect serious pvpers save their consumption records on a daily basis, timestamp it, and use retrofrogs tool (linked above) to compare their current consumption record with one 30 days ago, and see which items have timed out.

    I know that I could script this fairly easily in perl, using retrofrogs consumption tool, timestamped text files, and a list of which cheap food/booze one would consider consuming, but I have not the foggiest idea how to do it in ASH. Undoubtedly, someone else on these forums will know a way to do it, or even have existing scripts to do what you suggest, I am just letting you know what the current 'manual' method is.

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    Default Re: PvP Diet Balance and Wine tasting. [spoilers]

    Yeah I use retrofrogs tools, but it doesnt tell you what your missing it tells you what you have consumed...also comparing more than a few days is time consuming...
    Perl would probably be a much nicer solution...

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