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Thread: KoLmafia support for automating Crimbo

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    Default KoLmafia support for automating Crimbo

    For the record, in response to my query of two weeks ago about whether I should add support for automating Crimbo:

    From Jick (#1) [reply] [quoted]
    Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 03:20PM
    Bah, sorry, I didn't see your k-mail until now.

    I think the horse is probably out of the barn in general, at this point. We ought to be able to handle the traffic, so might as well just do it whenever the situation comes up.

    I really appreciate the consideration.
    I think this is definitive. And so, we will support new areas as soon as they come out, modulo our own time as developers to do so.
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    It's very nice that Jick has given the green light for this. KoLmafia is so nice to the server that it is even possible this reduces lag instead of increases it, or at least I hope so. Now there need not be worries that mafia keeps Jick up at night cursing you and your firstborn.
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