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    Default Ubuntu Save Path

    I use both Windows and Ubuntu. When I run Mafia in Ubuntu it creates a .kolmafia folder in my home directory and saves everything, but when I am on windows it creates all the folders in the subdirectory that I am running the Jar from.

    I am using dropbox to sync between computers and currently have to save the .kolmafia stuff to the dropbox after I am done to keep everything.

    Does any body know of a way to change where mafia saves everything or to pipe output to a different place in ubuntu?

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    I *think* you can change the directory mafia "starts in" by passing a value in the user.dir property, like this:

    java -Duser.dir=/whatever/full/path/kolmafia -jar kolmafia-9999.jar

    Other than that, symlinks are your friends.

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    If I understand the 'useCWDasROOT' option correctly I would have to set that every time I update mafia.

    I went with a symbolic link instead. Easy way of doing that was to first copy the mafia data from the .kolmafia folder to the desired folder in Dropbox.
    Then select my dropbox/KOLMafia folder and go to Edit -> Make link. This creates a symbolic link in the directory.
    Then I dragged this my home folder and renamed it to .kolmafia. Now when every anything on my systems accesses the .kolmafia it is taken to my dropbox folder

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