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Thread: Neo's Complete Libram Script

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    Default Neo's Complete Libram Script

    Neo's Libram Script 1.1

    This is a script that will cast whichever libram skills you want between battles, as mp permits. It is fully customizable so you can choose which of the librams you want to use (and it will cycle through them if you choose more than one) and what you want your minimum mp to be, based on percentage of maximum.

    It is also designed to be very easily imported into your normal between battle script to quickly and simply add the libram summoning abilities.

    Simply download the file and type:
    set betweenBattleScript = NeoLibram.ash
    into the cli, run it directly once, and then edit your settings in the data/vars_charname.txt file.

    This script requires zlib.


    - added the ability to import into other scripts and call it from there
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    Default Version with Brickos added

    Here's the same script but with Bricko summoning added.
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    Here's another update for this script, but with Resolution summoning added
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