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Thread: When a standard ascension is finished update state of some things

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    Default When a standard ascension is finished update state of some things

    Various IOTM related things have their state tracking broken by ascending into a standard run or any other path that forbids their use, and then breaking the prism.

    When you start a standard ascension your ice house status is set no monster trapped, because ice house is an old IOTM derivative that does not work in current standard ascensions.
    When you break the prism kol immediately reactivates the ice house, but mafia thinks you still do not have one used.

    this can be resolved via doing
    visit_url("museum.php?action=icehouse", false);
    just once after the prism is broken to get the current state of the ice house.

    The same issue applies to the state of the telegraph office after prism is broken. You can get its state to update via

    I am told this also applies to workshed, fixed via

    and precinct availability fixed via
    visit_url("place.php?whichplace=town_wrong&action= townwrong_precinct");

    although I think the above should probable be a
    to update any IOTM locations in the wrong side of the tracks rather than only the precinct. I do not own a precinct so I cannot verify that this works though

    I would suggest a state update function that hits all of those. And call it on the turn on which you break ronin and also immediately after breaking prism

    something like
    void update_IOTM_state()
    visit_url("museum.php?action=icehouse", false);
    with a check to limit how often it runs
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