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Thread: r20316 - debug log

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    Default r20316 - debug log

    This has happened two days in a row, when performing the same actions in the relay browser:

    1. The character finishes the free fights in the Neverending Party.
    2. Go to the main map
    3. Go to the Grey Goo Impact Site
    4. Click on "A Prism of Goo"
    5. Get a debug log DEBUG_20200824.txt

    If it helps here's the debug log from yesterday: DEBUG_20200823.txt

    At this point KoLmafia completely fails to notice that the character is in combat. Nothing I've tried has recovered the session. If I log out and then back in the character is still stuck and KoLmafia displays the text from the last completed combat in the Neverending Party. I have to shut down KoLmafia before the character "rejoins" the fight with the Grey Goo Prism.

    After completing the fight with the Grey Goo Prism the last adventured zone in the relay browser is still "Neverending Party".

    I'm guessing that it's the zone/monster that is the Grey Goo Prism that's the problem. You get to fight it once per day and then it disappears from the map. I'm about to ascend, into a SC Grey Goo run, so I'll try to get an intentional debug log to add to this report. Here it is: DEBUG_20200824.txt I turned on debug after the last free fight in the Neverending Party and turned it off after fighting the Grey Goo Prism.
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    Try revision 20318

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