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Thread: Hippy Boatman Quest and Old Landfill zone issues

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    Exclamation Hippy Boatman Quest and Old Landfill zone issues

    questM19Hippy has some strange behaviour.

    Starting the quest sets it to started as expected.
    Getting the "Worse Homes and Gardens" item from a combat progresses it to step1.
    Using the Worse Homes and Gardens" progresses it to step2 (why?).
    refresh quests/visiting the quest log when it's step1 resets it back to started.
    Making the Junk Junk progresses it to step 3.
    Talking to the Hippy once you have the Junk Junk sets it to finished as expected.

    funky junk keys drop rates are the same as the fulminate ingredients (according to either Aenimus or Lyft in the ASS Discord, possibly both). 5% initially incrementing by 5% every combat they are missed (conditional so no YR or similar, I tested the force saber and disintegrate skill).
    Worse Homes and Gardens will replace the 3rd funky junk key drop you get.

    The non-combat when you adventure with a funky junk key has 3 options that need to be used to fight the junksprite boss. The 3rd of those options, regardless of which it is will trigger the boss fight. Could we have tracking for this added please?


    [EDIT] fixing wrong info on Worse Homes and Gardens.
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