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Thread: 2CRS seed updates

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    Default 2CRS seed updates

    Hi all,

    So as some may know I recently setup some spading multis so I can easily spade the 2CRS seed changes when effects get reshuffled which seems to happen when buffs get reclassified as nohookah or move in and out of the positive/negative buffs pool. I have a process which then runs and spades the different. I tried creating and uploading a patch with all the changes on this forum post but I unfortunately have been unable to upload the patch file (20MB) with all the 2CRS changes to attach to this post. I know it was over the size for a .diff or a .patch but I also tried uploading as a .txt and was not successful with that either. I have put the most recent data files, based on the July 15th reshuffle, and .diff file to be available on a google drive here:

    I think it would be nice to update the mafia data files as well, so that when a fetch is done for someone entering 2CRS starts their run it pulls in the correct enchantments and such for the modifiers. Can you please let me know if there is a better way to submit this data for patching in the future? What is the preferred method for me updating this? I really like 2CRS and want to keep its spirit alive.

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    The data in TCRS_<class>_<sign>_cafe_food.txt and TCRS_<class>_<sign>_cafe_booze.txt was not useful, but the other data was excellent.

    Revision 20271

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