I submitted a bug report to KoL:

I am wearing dice gear, which gives every monster I fight a bunch of OCRS random modifiers.
These appear in the text of the HTML in a Javascript "ocrs" variable.

I equip a Powerful Glove.
Monsters still have a bunch of OCRS random modifiers, but the only one listed in the Javascript variable is "powerPixel".
This might be intentional, since the powerPixel modifier is pretty severe - but surely small, large, bouncing, etc would still work with it - as well as non-cosmetic modifiers.

If I recall correctly, we originally parsed the modifiers out of the monster name, but decided it was more efficient to just parse them from the ocrs Javascript variable - but the Powerful Glove breaks that.

I suspect that this is Yet Another Niche Issue, although I ran into it today when I wanted to see how CHEAT CODE: REPLACE MONSTER worked in conjunction with half a dozen pieces of dice gear, regarding my work to re-read random modifiers for transformed monsters. This issue completely derailed that testing.