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Thread: Snojo images disappeared by mafia in disguise delimit path

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    And I took my Powerful Glove to fight a random other monster, and, good grief. Now, for the first time, I see why people were complaining about how it messes up monster images. I wore my Powerful Glove all through Plumber and Low-Key runs, collecting pixels and bypassing the 8-bit realm, but all that I saw was weird eyes on all the monsters. Now I see that it crudifies the rest of the image, as well.

    I wonder if I could put in a feature to remove that modifier from supplied ocrs arrays when decorating fight.php in the Relay Browser. I could make a list of "modifiers to add" (drippy, rainbow, ...) and a list of "modifiers to remove" (powerPixel)

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    r20195 works for me now
    thanks for the fix.

    and yea those OCRS monsters look awful

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