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Thread: "tryequip" keyword for the Maximizer

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    Lightbulb "tryequip" keyword for the Maximizer

    I use a lot of preset Maximizer commands for particular steps during a run, some of which include convenient "equip" keywords for certain helpful but optionally available items (for example, a gravy boat in Defiled zones or a ring of detect boring doors in the Daily Dungeon). However, as certain items pass out of Standard or are otherwise unavailable in a run, these Maximizer commands fail.

    This can be worked around with some string parsing to filter the maximizer string prior to calling it, but a baked-in solution would be a) svelte and 2) helpful to more than just my script. Having one-size-fits-all maximizer strings for various situations is cool even for people who aren't automating.

    My suggestion is a "tryequip" keyword which functions identically to "equip" except it simply ignores the specified item if you can't equip it, rather than failing. I would find this extremely helpful!
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    I like the idea, but I cringe every time I need to go touch the maximizer; it is very complicated.
    Bumping to get this onto page 1, at least.

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