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Thread: Cigarette lighters also defeat the current monster

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    Exclamation Cigarette lighters also defeat the current monster

    Occasionally, I finish clearing the protesters and my zeppelinProtestors property ends up being below 80. Usually not by much so I wasn't particularly motivated to figure out what was not being tracked; but thanks to the pizza oven providing loads of cigarette lighters to Plumbers, I've finally narrowed down the cause.

    When you use a cigarette lighter and get the "A group of X nearby protesters" message, mafia advances the count by X. However, using the lighter also defeats the protester you're fighting, so it should actually advance the property by X+1.

    In my previous run I noted that my property said 74 when I cleared the zone, and I checked the log and I'd used 6 lighters. So this run I confirmed that when I used a lighter the property was only advancing by X.

    That's all folks!
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    Oh, nice catch. I'd noticed I was clearing the zone before the property hit 80, but just wrote that off to some kind of KoL RNG swing. It never occurred to me it might be a mafia bug.

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