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Thread: Pokefam fails to track nuns meat collected

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    Default Pokefam fails to track nuns meat collected

    in pokefam, it fails to increment the variable currentNunneryMeat despite being able to successfully track meat income.

    As you can see from this log
    [1024] The Themthar Hills
    Encounter: dirty thieving brigand
    Attacking     with ULTIMATE: Blood Bath
    Round 2: taltamir's Slotter uses ULTIMATE:     Blood Bath!
    Attacking with Backstab
    Round 3: taltamir's Scary Death     Orb uses Backstab!
    You gain 4279 Meat
    You gain 12 Meat
    You     acquire an item: brigand brittle
    You gain 25 Strongness
    You gain 58     Mysteriousness
    You gain 19 Roguishness
    > get currentNunneryMeat
    Mafia was able to correctly determine that I got 4279 meat (plus 12 from dark horse) but for some reason is not incrementing the variable in question

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    At a guess, it's because that's happening on fambattle.php, not fight.php.
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    We hve extensive tracking of things that happen during fight.php. We walk the HTML tree, log combat actions, as well as item and skill usage side effects and so on. We also track things like Nuns Meat.

    In Pocket Familiars, we have fambattle.php. We also walk the HTML tree for that, but only to log the familiar actions from the two teams.
    Since you can't use items or skills, nothing to track there.
    We could/should track the Nuns Meat, but nobody thought to code it up when Pocket Familiars was the current challenge path.

    I'm pretty sure that I will mever run that path again.

    If you post a DEBUG log of the final round where you defeat the dirty thieving brigand in a Pokefam battle, I'll look it over and perhaps I could add some untested tracking.
    Otherwise, this is a hard Won't FIx.

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    thanks veracity, i will try to grab that.

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