The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

Revision: 19674
Happy New Year

Revision: 19675
Antique Nutcracker arena parameters

Revision: 19676
Milk of magnesium nerfed: one usage per day, tracked in _milkOfMagnesiumUsed

Revision: 19677
New items. Reflex Hammer banishes for 30 turns

Revision: 19678
How did I commit kolmafia.diff?

Revision: 19679
New snarfblats for the Friars

Revision: 19680
Grey out use milk button if we've already used it today

Revision: 19681
Status Effects from Standard 2020 outfit candies

Revision: 19682
New monsters in Cyrpt and Bat Cave. Paraffin and Terra Cotta items. Mark Belmonts an "variable named" monsters.

Revision: 19683
When Retrospecs let you spy an item you missed, log it

Revision: 19684
Track uses of human musk and powdered madness

Revision: 19685
Do not display familiar annotations for Crimbo Shrub unless you have decorated it to generate PVP fites.

Revision: 19686
(Preemptively) do not show familiar annotations if buffer is empty

Revision: 19687
Red Roger's red right hand is a club

Revision: 19688

Revision: 19689
Detect Weakness skill. (unopened) Bird-a-Day calendar. More drops for party skelteon

Revision: 19690
Crimbo items are less good post-crimbo

Revision: 19691
Add skills Paraffin Prism and Release Terracotta Army. They are combat skills.
They are likely once per combat, but this is not tested/coded yet

Revision: 19692
Resting in your Campaway tent will removed Cursed effects. If you have that
configured as an HP or MP restoration method, have such an effect, and have
not yet finished the Hidden Apartment Building, warn that using that method
will remove your Cursed effect and require confirmation. (If you say "no",
KoLmafia will move to the next restoration method.)

Revision: 19693
Don't load burnt stick inline

Revision: 19694
Unleash Terracotta Army and Paraffin Prism are once per combat skills

Revision: 19695
paraffin pieces. terra cotta tidbits. Using an hourglass displays a message. numberwang is not a discovery

Revision: 19696
Do not worry about milk of magnesium for size 0 foods

Revision: 19697
When decorate CampAway tent, save decoration (1-3) in campAwayDecoration
When look at sky, log cloud message & save in _cloudTalkMessage and _cloudTalkSmoker
When look at sky, save today's moon sign in _campAwaySmileBuffSign
When gain 3 turns in hidden temple, provile link to use another stone wool, if have any

Revision: 19698
Add another 20 cloud characters

Revision: 19699
Minimal support for Seek out a Bird skill.

Revision: 19700
Crimbo Cafe is not available. Tammy's Offshore Platform is not available.

Revision: 19701
More support for Seek out a Bird and Blessing of the Bird

Revision: 19702
Initial support for favorite birds. Correctly handle the choice, and if you opt
to set a favorite bird, save it in "yourFavoriteBird". If you have a favorite bird
set, you now have the once-er-day skill "Visit your Favorite Bird"

Revision: 19703
Mark Seek out a Bird as unextendable by mana burning.

Revision: 19704
Special handling needed when Blessing of your favorite Bird effect is gained

Revision: 19705
choiceAdventure1399 (New Favorite Bird?) now defaults to 2 - don't choose a new favorite.
Visit your Favorite Bird appears in the Char Sheet.
Seek out a Bird has to be cast 1 at a time, even if you have enough MP.

Revision: 19706
When casting a skill redirects to a choice, processResults on the choice's
responseText. Recognize choosing to not change favorite birs and abort

Revision: 19707
Fix bug introduced in 19705 that resulted in attempting to cast a skill more
times than available mana allowed.

Revision: 19708
Mana Burning will skip a skill if available casts are 0.
Daily limit for Seek out a bird is (6 - casts) if you are not replacing your favorite bird.
Re-enable mana burning for Seek out a Bird: "set skillBurn7323=0"
Calculate total mana needed to multi-cast Seek out a Bird - although KoL doesn't allow it yet.

Revision: 19709
slightly less attracted to you is Combat Rate -3
learn bird of the day and favorite bird from effect name, either when gain effect, in charpane, or in api.php

Revision: 19710
Combat rate modifiers for bird of the day

Revision: 19711
Add _canSeekBirds setting to indicate whether you've used your Bird-A-Day calendar
today and the Seek out a Bird skill is available. Add that skill at login if that
property is true.

Revision: 19712
Detrmine if you have unlocks Seek out a Bird to day by looking at skill description.
Also calculate number of times you have used it by examining the mp cost of next cast.

Revision: 19713
Improve logging of actions in the Boxing Daycare: log actions, show turn count (considering that
scavenging for equipment and sparring consume turns), etc.

Revision: 19714
You can seek "a BIRD" or "an BIRD"

Revision: 19715
Always look at the skill description for Seek out a Bird to synchronize casting cost with
KoL, in case you used the skill outside of KoLmafia.

Revision: 19716
Add _birdOfTheDayMods and yourFavoriteBirdMods

Revision: 19717
Fix logging for Summon Terra Cotta Army

Revision: 19718
Add mint-in-box Powerful Glove and Powerful Glove items

Revision: 19719
Add 4 skills and 2 effects from the Powerful Glove

Revision: 19720
Fix forum thread for Ezandora's Far Future script

Revision: 19721
Some new items

Revision: 19722
concoction for signal receiver

Revision: 19723
Log post-combat output from signal receiver

Revision: 19724
Add goal for Madness Bakery

Revision: 19725
Add and remove 4 CHEAT CODE skills when you wear/remove the Powerful Glove
Property _powerfulGloveBatteryPowerUsed starts at 0 and is incremented whenever you use a CHEAT CODE
CHEAT CODE skills will be ignored in a CCS if you don't have the Powerful Glove equipped

Revision: 19726
Fixes from checkitems

Revision: 19727
Update mallprices.txt

Revision: 19728
Bump version to 20.2