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Thread: 2020 IotY - Retrospecs

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    Default 2020 IotY - Retrospecs

    10432 Retrospecs 327030460 retrospecs.gif accessory 0
    Retrospecs 0 none
    # Item Retrospecs: Reveals foes' weaknesses
    # Item Retrospecs: Gives you another chance on item drops you missed out on
    Item Retrospecs Muscle: +15, Mysticality: +15, Moxie: +15, Maximum HP: +25, Maximum MP: +25, HP Regen Min: 3, HP Regen Max: 5, MP Regen Min: 3, MP Regen Max: 5, Single Equip, Free Pull
    10431 Retrospecs try-at-home kit 928685191 retrospecsbox.gif usable t 0
    Item Retrospecs try-at-home kit Free Pull

    Costs only 1 Mr A.
    Maybe they got bored of releasing FotY (or it's just delayed)?

    No idea what "Gives you another chance on item drops you missed out on" because I'd already run my adventures for today so I won't get to test it out until after rollover but I suspect it's just another copy of the Cat Burglar's Heist mechanic.

    [edit edit] Thanks for fixing the title anonymous stranger!

    [edit¨¸³] Forum thread is -> Looks like my guess above was wrong and it works like the Boss Dolphin hat.
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