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Thread: Crimbo 19 rares

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    Default Crimbo 19 rares

    Here's a simple little script to report on your collection of Crimbo 19 rare items.

    > crimbo19rares
    Gingerbread Reef
        ribbon candy ascot: (have 1, price 4,940,000) dropped by gingerbread maw (horror)
        anemoney clip: (have 1, price 6,600,000) dropped by nutmeg anemone (plant)
        icing poncho: (have 1, price 999,000) dropped by icingfish (fish)
        Mer-kin rollpin: (have 1, price 4,000,000) dropped by Mer-kin baker (mer-kin)
    The Wreck of the H. M. S. Kringle
        Crimbylow-rise jeans: (have 1, price 3,699,990) dropped by Crimbylow (demon)
        peppermint spine: (have 1, price 4,000,000) dropped by peppermint eel (fish)
        soggy elf shoes: (have 1, price 800,000) dropped by sea-elf (elf)
    The Impenetrable Kelp-Holly Forest
        kelp-holly drape: (have 1, price 1,300,000) dropped by kelpie (horse form) (beast)
        kelp-holly gun: (have 1, price 1,494,941) dropped by kelpie (lady form) (dude)
        Yuleviathan necklace: (have 1, price 4,500,000) dropped by Yuleviathan (fish)
    It gets the mall prices up front, but KoLmafia will return a cached value, if it is within an hour old.
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    Awesome, thank you very much.

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    Awesome, thank you very much.
    Originally Posted by Terrabull View Post
    Ditto. Not that it matters to anyone but a certain kind of obsessive, but the item counts don't include the display case. That is a feature for most people. For me it is just adding " + it.display_amount()" at the right place.
    Well, thank you.
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