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Thread: Supporting KoLmafia

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    Default Supporting KoLmafia

    I use KoLmafia fairly extensively, and Iíve been wondering recently about how it is funded. Who is paying for this server, etcetera? Iíd be happy to donate a small bit of money as thanks for keeping this vital tool maintained all these years.

    I looked around this website for anything about donations, but I didnít see anything. If I missed something obvious, Iím sorry in advance.

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    fewyn has provided this server as a community service. You could PM him directly. This server also supports some other activities besides the forum and wiki. The Latest Build system and the price sharing files and scripts come immediately to mind.

    zarqon has a server that often supports scripting activities. The one used most often is a file repository that almost anyone can contribute to.

    SourceForge is of course free. There is a Donate button that looks like it invokes a PayPal transaction to veracity's account.

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    The sourceforge donations went to hola for many years. He left 5 years ago. I changed the button 6 months ago or so. Nobody has ever donated, since then, which is fine.

    Those of us submitting code to sourceforge are donating our time. In-game "tips" - in the form of items we collect - are appreciated.

    Fewyn has an actual server that he personally pays to operate, as well as donating his time to maintain and update it. That's a huge service to this whole community. If he wanted to add a "donate" button to to help pay for actual operational expenses, I think that would be cool.

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    It's no big deal I think the site costs me about 20$ a month and then domain renewal which is about 10$. I use the server for other stuff besides the forums and such that it's not a huge issue and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The site does have ads on it which pays out every year and half to two years or so for $100.

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