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Thread: Track what is consumed with Pirate Fork and Everful Glass

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    Default Track what is consumed with Pirate Fork and Everful Glass

    Right now if you drink through the CLI there's no log indicating what was consumed, the flavor text of both these consumables says what was consumed, so I'm guessing it would be just a matter of parsing that text and reporting it together with stat and adventure gains in the session log.

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    Just to be clear, are you saying that when you consume via the gCLI there is no record of what happened in the gCLI or the log file (suggesting mafia doesn't know it happened) or are you saying what gets displayed in the gCLI is not written to the log file?

    If the latter, you might try experimenting with the mirror command. The captures just about everything but at the cost that anything that uses file name conventions to process logs will need to be tweaked.

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    A pirate fork is a size 4 "food" and an everful glass is a size 4 "booze". If I understand correctly, when you consume either, you actually get the effects (stats, status effects) of some other size 4 food/booze. (It is always a size 4 item, right?) Sort of like a quantum taco, except the latter can be any food, regardless of size. And Schrödinger's thermos, for booze.

    I agree that the consumption text should be parsed and the item you ended up eating/drinking should be logged.
    Ditto for the quantum taco; we already look for lucky numbers, in case it is a fortune cookie, but I have no idea if it has a similar consumption message.
    Ditto for Schrödinger's thermos.

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