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Thread: Script getting hung up on something, Halp!

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    Default Script getting hung up on something, Halp!

    So this just started happening not to long ago, maybe for a week now...

    What I usually do at the start of my KoL day is to run Harvest.ash (a very old script), just to easily and (most importantly) automatically fill my food/drink levels up for a days worth of adventuring, but recently it hangs/gets stuck on 14/15 food, with pages and pages of messages like this, unless I stop it.

    What I've been doing as a work around when it gets stuck at 14/15 food is, I stop it, and just feed myself that one extra food manually, but UGH manually, I do enough of that at real work, so this needs fixing ASAP!

    Anyways, I'm not sure what this means, can anyone decipher this moon language for me?... Is it Harvest, maybe it's EatDrink that Harvest calls upon to... or maybe it's KoLmafia (I'm on KoLmafia v19.9 BTW / Java "jre1.8.0_231" / also "svn update" shows that I'm all up to date with my scripts too).

    I'm extremely noob at this sort of stuff, so you'll need to ELI5 it, or spoon feed it to me, or both, preferably both. Also I'm not sure if that tiny bit of log is enough to figure this out, so if you need more info from me let me know and I'll try to provide it.

    Lastly, thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer me to this problem!

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    I am not familiar with the script, so I have no idea who you would need to talk to to get it fixed, or how to fix it yourself.
    But it seems that whatever script is trying to fill that last fullness is trying to do so with a bloodstick, which is a consumable that can only be eaten by vampyres. So it fails. But it realizes that it's not done yet, somewhere, so it goes to try again, by doing the exact same thing again (and again, and again, ...)

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    It looks like EatDrink is trying to consume a DarkGyfte only food. According to the log, that was fixed with version 56, checked in on August 17, 2019.

    So I would consider uninstalling EatDrink and then reinstalling it. Using KoLmafia's Script Manager would be the easiest way.

    If all Harvest does for you is fill you up, you could also call EatDrink directly.

    I'd like to believe both of these suggestions are easy to follow but if that is not the case we can elaborate.

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    Hey thanks for the suggestions, it is indeed EatDrink that is the cause as I tested EatDrink last night by just running this script alone without Harvest, after telling it to do Food:15 / Drink:19 / Overdrink: false / sim: false, it resulted in the same hang at 14/15, I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling EatDrink tonight and see how things go...

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    Update! So uninstalling and reinstalling EatDrink totally fixed everything, not sure why it wasn't updating properly with "svn update", maybe something got corrupt... Anyway thanks a lot guys!

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