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    My observation has been somewhat different. There were several times over the years when hearsay comments claimed that Jick was annoyed with KoLmafia for various reasons, including the belief that people who used it never read all of the "jokes" and/or otherwise ignored the creative writing that is arguably the heart of the game.
    Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    My 4 years in /dev never gave me the impression that they had a problem with mafia.

    I even remember bringing up that subscriptions couldn't be set up in mafia, and wondering if there was any way to make that work. CDMoyer spent a little time looking into it, before reaching the same conclusion as Veracity (that it can't work).

    I suppose it's possible they had given up on disliking mafia's influence on the game by the time I joined.

    Bug reports that only effect KoLmafia often do not get acted on.
    Minor bug reports often were ignored, unfortunately. Whether or not they had anything to do with mafia. I kind of gave up on trying to bring them up for fixing, even.

    Recently there were reports of lag and delays. There was a quasi-official claim that it was a KoLmafia problem. Subsequent spading narrowed it down to two IP addresses used by KoL so it was not a mafia problem at all. While the reporter did acknowledge their error and apologize, if KoLmafia were held in high esteem at Asymmetric it is unlikely that a knee jerk response to a problem would be to blame KoLmafia.
    Related to the previous point... when Aenimus was added as a dev, he was enthusiastic about trying to get things fixed. He brought up lots of bug reports that I had long given up on, and was very proactive about things. That also meant being quick to reach some conclusion on topics, because that's the only sane way to get through a huge backlog. So that was one recently-added person, making a mistake that is understandable (with sufficient knowledge of the situation).

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    My 4 years in /dev never gave me the impression that they had a problem with mafia.
    Originally Posted by lostcalpolydude View Post
    Fair enough. My impressions were formed at least a decade ago and I am perfectly capable of only remembering things that reinforced my impressions.

    That said, I am 99 44/100 % certain that Jick did say in a podcast (a long time ago) that he did not like the fact that mafia users often "missed" his carefully crafted content.

    In the sense that when a "crime" is committed, the response is to "round up the usual suspects", I saw Aenimus' comment as suggesting that Kolmafia was on a list of "usual suspects". I'm sure there are other ways to explain it but since the comment supported my preconceived beliefs...

    So I probably do have some decades old baggage that I can try and jettison. Thanks.
    Well, thank you.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

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    I have no comment about what to expect regarding new sourceforge commits. As they happen, unless fewyn bails, they will show up here as always.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post
    Not planning on bailing, but with the recent turn of events I've completely stopped playing and haven't touched the game. So unless the I stop paying the bill the site will continue floating along as it has over the years.

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    As has been said by others, Veracity, thank you for everything you've done to make Mafia what it is today. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

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