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Thread: Version 19.9

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    Default Version 19.9

    The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

    If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

    Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

    For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

    Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

    Revision: 19456
    Since we have a "potion" type, we know that getting mall prices for "potions" does not actually get
    the prices for all non-food candies. Therefore, the Sweet SYnthesis panel can't rely on that when
    updating prices.
    Add "tcrs test" command to allow testing with a class/sign that is not the one you are currently in.

    Revision: 19457
    Attempt at updating the queued items in the creation queue when attributes (like expected adventure range) change

    Revision: 19458
    Fix "beach head" command to work before you have unlocked the shortcut

    Revision: 19459
    Track Electric Kool-Aid eaten in elecricKololAidEaten and Bloodweiser drunk in bloodweiserDrunk.
    Use those properties to calculate modifiers for Electric, Kool and Blood Porter effects

    Revision: 19460
    When we reset conumables, must also reset concoctions to use new values

    Revision: 19461
    Update Bloodweiser and Electric Kool-Aid consumption count when viewing their effects

    Revision: 19462
    When wandering down the beach, it is "1 minute" not "1 minutes"

    Revision: 19463
    Call QuestManager.updateQuestFightStarted in the round 0 processing, rather than after we have set the round to 1,
    since if the monster is killed by auto-attack, in the place it was called, it would never be round 0.

    Revision: 19464
    In potions panel, if you have a potion-granted effect active, display (XX active) between effect name and effect modifiers

    Revision: 19465
    Initial set of items and effects from the Getaway Campsite

    Revision: 19466
    And foods

    Revision: 19467
    Add Your Campfire as a coinmaster. Accept pulverized Standard gear as potential currency for The Armory and Leggery/

    Revision: 19468
    Some campfire effects

    Revision: 19469
    Use a Set, not a List, in StandardRequest for storing restricted objects.
    Since the keys are looked up in lower case, Fifteen Minutes of Flame -> fifteen minutes of flame
    The Maximizer now checks if a skill is restricted before recommending its use

    Revision: 19470
    bundle of firewood -> SUSE -> 10 sticks of firewood

    Revision: 19471
    When opening a Broser on OS X, use the "command array" method of invoking Runtime.exec to allow the
    browser name to contain spaces. Like "Google Chrome".

    Revision: 19472
    Apparently, Cafe items can be consumed even if they are not in Standard

    Revision: 19473
    Smile of the Opossum

    Revision: 19474
    Add Effect data to notes for campfire foods so it shows up in the Food panel of the Item Manager

    Revision: 19475
    Some zap groups

    Revision: 19476
    As they are wont to do, KoL admins added new Stuff after the IOTM was released.a
    To wit, Whittled Wearables.

    Revision: 19477
    Add "restUsingCampAwayTent" setting. This will use your CampAway tent in preference to your dwelling when resting.
    If you alos have "restUsing"Chateau" at true *and have access to the Chateau), that takes precedence, since it
    also gives you stats. Either option is superior to a standard dwelling.

    Revision: 19478
    Getaway Campsite gives you an additional free rest. Add some more big smiles.
    When considering toys to use as part of breakfast, if you have already met their
    daily maximum, don't try using them. This chack was previously done later, which
    resulted in a message saying you'd already reached that limit (before issuing a request),
    but if you had the item in your closet, it would pull it out before detecting that.
    This commit means you lose the message (alas) but do not move items out of the closet (yay).

    Revision: 19479
    Accomodate malformed HTML in item description of the Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase

    Revision: 19480
    Enforce Standard restrictions, as required, for Sweet Synthesis

    Revision: 19481
    fire is creatable by MUSEing 2 stickis, not via CRIMBO07 recipe

    Revision: 19482
    Fix spelling for potion of temporary gRevision 8ness

    Revision: 19483
    fix plural

    Revision: 19484
    Add _campAwaySmileBuffs and _campAwayCLoudBuffs properties. Add more Big Smiles

    Revision: 19485
    I really did want _campAway rather than _campaway

    Revision: 19486
    Add items and path-starting for Kingdom of Exploathing and effects from CampAway

    Revision: 19487
    Coinmaster for Cosmic Ray's Bazaar

    Revision: 19488
    Account for things that decrease NPC Meat costs when a Coinmaster trades an item for Meat.
    Correctly recognize when we are in Kingdom of Exploathing.

    Revision: 19489
    In Kingdom of Exploathing a player does not need a rowboat or S.O.C.K. to access the Castle basement

    Revision: 19490

    Revision: 19491
    Add a new overload to ASH faxbot() command to let the user specify which bot they would like to request

    Revision: 19492
    Moon sign zones are not available in KoE

    Revision: 19493
    Add a couple of adventure locations for Kingdom of Exploathing.
    Mark a number of NPC stores and coinmasters unavailible inf Kingdom of Exploahting.
    PIXEL concoctions cannot be made at the Hermitage.
    The Maximizer will not consider the Spacegate if the Kingdom exploded.
    Gnasir has a different link in the exploded desert beach.

    Revision: 19494
    List all currencies in title bar for Cosmic Ray's Bazaar in Coinmasters Frame

    Revision: 19495
    Render diacritical marks nicely in title of Coinmaster frame for Coinmasters that require it

    Revision: 19496
    Resting in campaway tent is more effective

    Revision: 19497
    Council is now in place.php?whichplace=exploathing&action=expl_counc il
    (fix council request, command, and frame)
    Visit manor floor 1 before auto-reading Lady Spookyraven's telegraph
    Council is now a choiceadv with a "Leave" button which can be walked away from
    Don't log the "locked" version of the Haunted Kitchen, like other locked rooms.

    Revision: 19498
    A fix for parsing KGB regen broke parsing KGB prismatic damage

    Revision: 19499
    Sewing kit is reusable, track its daily use

    Revision: 19500
    In Kingdom of Exploathing, when you find a white pixel, give a use link to Cosmic Ray's Bazaar, not the mystic

    Revision: 19501
    When you get forged id documents in Kingdom of Exploathing, give a link to the council, not the shore

    Revision: 19502
    Fix more use links, quest progression, etc. for Kingdom of Exploathing

    Revision: 19503
    Tower Door quest script will now buy keys from Cosmic Ray's Bazaar, if necessary

    Revision: 19504
    Restores updates

    Revision: 19505
    puff.gif is the icon for Kingdom of Exploathing on the ascension list.
    Don't try to visit the Hermit during breakfast in Kingdom of Exploathing

    Revision: 19506
    Refactor Tower Door quest script to use real Java objects.
    In Kingdom of Exploathing, if autoQuest, visit council before visiting Spookyraven first floor
    before reading Lady Spookyraven's telegram

    Revision: 19507
    Consumption data for space wine and space chowder

    Revision: 19508
    Saklad5 wondered where they wandered and so updated the locations where they could. UNTESTED

    Revision: 19509
    Handle non-combat in the exploated battlefield. remove the item you tossed and increment
    fratboysDefeated or hippiesDefeated appropriately.

    Revision: 19510
    There are no sidequests in the war in KingdomOfExploathing. Assume there are no war heroes, either.
    When listing war progress in the Relay Browser, recognize that there are 333 per side, not 1000.
    -kThis line, and those below, will be ignored--
    M src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/session/

    Revision: 19511
    Add questL12HippyFrat to track progress of Hippy/Frat conflict in Kingdom Of Exploathing.
    Unfortunately, when you finish it, the quest log says you finished the regular war.
    Therefore, having progressed the regular island war is no longer an indicator that the island is available.
    Visit the council and whichplace=manoRevision 1 before calling user's PostAscension script

    Revision: 19512
    Remove MMG code since the MMG is no more.

    Revision: 19513
    Add potion to valid primary item types for DataFileTest.

    Revision: 19514
    Big Smile of the Marmot

    Revision: 19515
    If a "td" node contains text directly under it, as opposed to within a "p" node, say,
    look for damage we dealt to a monster.

    Revision: 19516
    haunted paddle-ball and Jacob's rug help in the exploaded battlefield

    Revision: 19517
    ClanLoungeRequest cannot automatically follow redirestcs

    Revision: 19518
    roofie -> shingle. Refresh inventry after visiting manoRevision 1 after ascend into Kingdom of Exploathing.
    Initial supposrt for Implode Univers: track skill level in skillLevel188, increment it (max 13)
    when you read The Imploded World. No support yet for counting daily uses.
    When you cquire an item in The Lost Room, you lose your lost key

    Revision: 19519
    Manually specify line.separator in JUnit tests.
    This may resolve tests failing under Windows...

    Revision: 19520
    In Kingdom of Exploathing, Palindome is visible on main map, whether or not you have the Talisman equipped,
    but you still need to equip it in order to visit it.
    Cosmic Ray's Bazaar sells rare Meat isotopes for Meat. Make "acquire" work for such Coinmaster concoctions,

    Revision: 19521
    Add space shield to known equipment. Fix equipment power for Beach Comb and hewn moon rune spoon

    Revision: 19522
    Make deck of lewd cards discovery via Saklad5

    Revision: 19523
    average season, Law of Averages. For now, assume you can only buy one Law of Averages
    per season, like every other reward except for the School of Hard Knocks diploma

    Revision: 19524
    driftwood equipment adjustments

    Revision: 19525
    Recognize message for reading 2nd and subsequent copies of The Imploded World

    Revision: 19526
    Correctly parse "You lose an effect" tables

    Revision: 19527
    When you receive an effect KoL will sometimes not entity encode the effect name. That doesn't compare
    successfuly with the actual effect name which is entity encoded. Compensate for this.

    Revision: 19528
    Revert attempted fix for special clips doing multiple rounds of damage with weird HTML,
    since it broke other important parsing, like runaways and banishes.
    Add check for ammo.gif to fix just the special clip issue

    Revision: 19529
    Initial support for Pocket Professor

    Revision: 19530
    When parsing effect (and item) names from KoL responseText, trim the results; Affirmation effects
    (at least) are sometimes presented with a leading space

    Revision: 19531
    When you change up the Goth Giant's music, you lose your dum 'n' bass 'n' drum 'n' bass record

    Revision: 19532
    Add Kingdom of Exploathing monsters

    Revision: 19533
    Disable allowSocketTimeout since it is harmful. The default for the option was false, but players who
    were using KoLmafia before I changed the default from true to false had it at false.
    I left in the code, for study, but the option to enable it is ignored and it is always disabled.

    Revision: 19534
    Add Spacegate Sounds to Script repository

    Revision: 19535
    Allow tavern automation below level 3 if in KoE. Untested.

    Revision: 19536
    Fix Kingdom of Exploathing check

    Revision: 19537
    Law of Averages is reusable. Add ability to specify extra fields when automating choices:
    set choiceAdventure1391=1&tossid=10320
    ash run_choice ( 1, "tossid=10320" );

    Revision: 19538
    plural for bunch of sea graps. _universeImploded tracks usage of Implode Universe
    Hedge Maze script checks for enough turns available for chosen path. Having confirmed you
    have enough, accept KoL's intro choice adventure warning you that you have fewer than
    9 turns available and may wish to turn back.

    Revision: 19539
    Add some methods in ChoiceUtilities to parse and validate "select" inputs in choice adventures.
    Calling these methods to validate use-supplied input (CLI or ASH) will come next.

    Revision: 19540
    Arena parameters for Pocket Professor.
    Update "choice" command:
    choice -> prints current choice options, including extra fields from "select" inputs
    choice NUMBER [FIELD=VALUE]... [always] -> make the specified decision with specified extra fields.
    set whichChoiceXXXX=1&FIELD1=VALUE&FIELD2=VALUE
    will set the default decision and extra fields as desired. If the fields prove to be invalid while automating,
    you are given the opportunity to continue in the CLI - or in the relay browser

    Revision: 19541
    Support for automating choice adventures that have required "text" inouts

    Revision: 19542
    Arena parameters for Party Mouse. Fixes from checkeffects and checkitems.

    Revision: 19543
    ASH functions for getting available choice inputs:
    string[string][string] available_choice_select_inputs( int decision );
    string[string] available_choice_text_inputs( int decision );

    Revision: 19544
    Make a new RelayAutoCOmbatThred for every RelayAgent.
    synchronize, as appropriate, on FightRequest.INSTANCE.
    Set/clear isAutomating fight in a try/finally block

    Revision: 19545
    Add method-chaining friendly versions of eat, eatsilent, drink, drinksilent, chew, use and create. For example, you can now do .eat() or .drink(3)

    Revision: 19546
    Restore overdrink to RuntimeLibrary

    Revision: 19547
    Get rid of RelayAutoCOmbatThread

    Revision: 19548
    Add method chaining variants for ASH functions: overdrink, retrieve_item, buy, buy_using_storage, adventure

    Revision: 19549
    Whenever we update the round data in a fight, save the decorated response as well as the raw response.
    Aitomating fights with the "script" button will show you the last decorated response, which will include a
    "Found in this fight" section if needed.
    Since we are running fights in the Relay Agent thread, catch exceptions and print a stack trace
    Simplify a lot of "getNextTrackedRound, since all it really needs to do is return the last decorated response

    Revision: 19550
    When you use the "auto" button on a choice adventure in the relay browser, display the decorated
    response text, so that use links, etc, get shown.
    Add missing choice decision for Duffel on the Double

    Revision: 19551
    Get rid of RelayAutoCombatThread

    Revision: 19552
    Retrieve cafe menus when you log in

    Revision: 19553
    Since we decorate fight and choice pages as we examine them, don't do it again when
    formatting response for the relay browser.
    Determine if you can walk away from a choice before decorating the response, since
    Use Links need to know that.
    Do not display use links in a multi-stage fight.

    Revision: 19554
    If you log in during a multifight, wait until all fights are finished before completing login.
    Fix NPE if there is no decorated response for a fight or choice available in relay browser
    Do not double decorate the response if taking a choice leads to another choice
    If you redirect to a fight you are no longer in a choice

    Revision: 19555
    Familiar arena parameters for Sausage Golem

    Revision: 19556
    campfire smoke cannot have an inline use link

    Revision: 19557
    Log the flavor text from the KoL Con 13 Snowglobe, Mr. Screege's spectacles,
    Mr. Cheeng's spectacles, and the lucky gold ring

    Revision: 19558
    Can't protect clovers if another fight or choice follows the fight where the clover appeared.

    Revision: 19559
    If you have rare meat isotopes at the gash, suggest spending them, since they are quest items

    Revision: 19560
    Add "spaceInvaderDefeated" property to track if the invader has been defeated in Kingdom of Exploathing

    Revision: 19561
    WHen generating use links, we include "speculation" mouseover text.
    Must quote '$' characters in said text so that Matcher.appendReplacement
    does not throw an exception.

    Revision: 19562
    Generate decorated response text after we have updated available combat skills,
    since stationary buttons depend on that list being accurate

    Revision: 19563
    Update stationarybuttons CSS file to work around recently introduced bug in Chrome,
    Thanks to xmccx. Tested on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on my OSX system

    Revision: 19564
    Don't check item name from response text against item name derived from relstring.
    When fighting zoneless monsters, setLastAdventure to "None" as well as setNextAdventure,
    so CCS doesn't use last adventure zone's CCS, if there is one

    Revision: 19565
    You need to spend your rare Meat isotopes before you break the prism, not
    before you jump the gap. Issue a warning if you are about to break the prism
    in Kingdom of Exploathing with rare Meat isotopes in prism, just as we do for
    clovers and many other things.

    Revision: 19566
    Update items from checkItems. No blank line when visit Horsery

    Revision: 19567
    Update copyrights

    Revision: 19568
    Add gausie to authors.txt. Fix ordering in list of licenses. Update year in
    displayed KoLmafia license.

    Revision: 19569
    New properties to track Pocket Professor skills: _thesisDelivered and _pocketProfessorLectures

    Revision: 19570
    Fix line breaks

    Revision: 19571
    Various tweaks to item description parsing to let checkitems produce fewer false positives.
    Fix a few real errors in modifiers.txt

    Revision: 19572
    If you get Shen's half of the Talisman, create the Talisman in ChoiceManager
    while handling the choice, rather than in ResultProcessor, while we are still
    in the choice and creation cannot be done.

    Revision: 19573
    Since my bug report has been responded to, update a comment.

    Revision: 19574
    Add $familiar.experience proxy record field

    Revision: 19575
    WHen you deliver your thesis, subract 200 experience from your familiar

    Revision: 19576
    Fix KoL typo before KoL, maybe, eventurally fixes it. Bug reported.

    Revision: 19577
    Update mallprices.txt

    Revision: 19578
    Bump version to 19.9
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
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    Unless something changes dramatically, this will be the last "official" release of KoLmafia.
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
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    What kind of consequences does "this will be the last "official" release of KoLmafia" imply?

    E.g. does it mean that those downloading mafia from will (most likely) never get any bugfix/new feature implemented past this point?

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    Correct. I am the only one who has uploaded point releases to sourceforges for many years, and I will (most likely) no longer be doing that.

    We have gone many many months without new sourceforge relases before. For people who need up-to-date support of new mechanics, special features of new paths or PVP seasons, the daily builds have been fine. But for "normal" paths (unlike TCRS or Pokefam, say), KoLmafia's automatic learn new skills, effects, familiars, etc. has been pretty darn good.

    For this release, I tried to beef up the automatic parsing of item descriptions, for example, to be even more robust than it already was.

    I have no comment about what to expect regarding new sourceforge commits. As they happen, unless fewyn bails, they will show up here as always.

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    Unless something changes dramatically, this will be the last "official" release of KoLmafia.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post
    A substantial proportion of active players use KoLmafia. Hopefully this will make Asymmetric wake up and realize this isnít going to go away before they give an official response.

    I never thought theyíd go this long without addressing the issue. Itís a bit more important than balancing copies.

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    Thank you, Veracity, for your many years of service to this community.

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    A substantial proportion of active players use KoLmafia. Hopefully this will make Asymmetric wake up and realize this isnít going to go away before they give an official response.
    Originally Posted by Saklad5 View Post
    I honestly don't think they care about KoLmafia. I just went and looked at all the people they gave credit to as "helpers". I knew (of) all the original playtesters and bug fixers. There were lots of people I have never heard of who made "other contributions". And, there was, literally no recognition of people who aided the KoL community who weren't connected with KoL itself. That included KoLmafia - but also the KoL Wiki.

    Seems sort of obtuse, since those folks immensely helped the KoL community, but, whatever.

    Thank you, Veracity, for your many years of service to this community.
    Originally Posted by datavortex View Post
    I appreciate your appreciation. It has been a labor of love for me. I joined because I wanted to learn Java, and when I asked holatuwol if I could help, he immediately gave me commit access and, by gum, I learned Java. Such that now I am a professional Java programmer, after contributing here for 14 or so years.

    After the discouraging news in August, I worked my butt off in September to try and make KoLmafia super solid. I think it's in good shape.

    I have canceled my subscription. Don't know if I'll ever buy an IOTM again, If not, you can certainly expect me to NOT make any effort to support it.

    There are other devs. They can make their own decisions about what they wish to do - or not do - henceforth. I won't judge. My decisions are my decisions, and their decisions are their decisions.
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
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    Hopefully this will make Asymmetric wake up and realize this isn’t going to go away before they give an official response.
    Originally Posted by Saklad5 View Post
    Jack and Kevin have both made comments in response to the article, and from what I've heard, it seems like this is their official response. Somehow, to me, that feels... worse.

    For real, though, thank you, Veracity. I'm so grateful for the work you've done, and I hope you're holding up okay. <3

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    Thank you, Veracity, for your many years of service to this community.
    Originally Posted by datavortex View Post
    This, many times over. Thanks for everything Veracity. You've made lots of people's lives better in immeasurable but important ways.
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    A substantial proportion of active players use KoLmafia. Hopefully this will make Asymmetric wake up and realize this isnít going to go away before they give an official response.
    Originally Posted by Saklad5 View Post
    My observation has been somewhat different. There were several times over the years when hearsay comments claimed that Jick was annoyed with KoLmafia for various reasons, including the belief that people who used it never read all of the "jokes" and/or otherwise ignored the creative writing that is arguably the heart of the game. I recall a couple of game changes that seemed as if they were deliberately intended to give KoLmafia a problem. Bug reports that only effect KoLmafia often do not get acted on. Recently there were reports of lag and delays. There was a quasi-official claim that it was a KoLmafia problem. Subsequent spading narrowed it down to two IP addresses used by KoL so it was not a mafia problem at all. While the reporter did acknowledge their error and apologize, if KoLmafia were held in high esteem at Asymmetric it is unlikely that a knee jerk response to a problem would be to blame KoLmafia.

    So I don't see anyone at Asymmetric losing any sleep over the possibility that their action or inaction had an effect on the long term viability of KoLmafia.
    Well, thank you.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

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