In TCRS, all equipment and potions have their enchantments shuffled.

So do consumables - food, drink, spleen toxins. For example, Angry Farmer candy gives 10 turns of Sugar Rush out of TCRS, but in TCRS Sauceror/Platypus, it gives 40 turns of Got Milk. I don't know if such an item can ever NOT give an effect - I grepped for Angry Farmer candy in the data/TCRS directory, and every class/path combo had a random effect - but some items which don't actually have an Enchantment per se can get one in TCRS.

For example, the dieting pill says "Eat less, Enjoy it More!" which is not a status effect, but some sort of innate base effect it has on your character. In particular, your next food gives double adventures and stats, but takes double fullness. I grepped for dieting pill in the data/TCRS directory and 23 of them had an "Effect" that they granted, whereas 33 had none.

Wiki says this under divergences for "food and booze": "Consumables with nonstandard effects will still apply. For example, Cursed Punch will still change your curse level, while dusty bottle of Muscat will still deal a large amount of damage."

As it turns out, that applies to spleen toxins - like the dieting pill - as well.

I got fooled by this in a TCRS Accordion Thief/Blender run when I was Maximizing for Mysticality and the Maximizer suggested "chew 1 dieting pill for 1 spleen to get 5 turns of Cake Caked" - which gives +50% mysticality. I did this, not having any idea of the dieting pill's nonstandard effect, and was baffled when I could not consume the food of my choice, much later in the day.

Potions can also have a nonstandard effect. For example, a bottle of goofballs gives Hopped Up on Goofballs and after rollover, Goofball Withdrawal. In TCRS, like any other potion, they grant a different random effect - but, as I discovered when using a bottle of goofballs to get Mer-Kindliness (as suggested by the maximizer), you still get Goofball Withdrawal the next day.

I wonder what are all the consumables/potions/usables that have extra nonstandard effects?
Effects that still take effect in TCRS, even if you are using the item for a different, explict Effect.

I wonder if the maximizer should, somehow, warn/notify/remind you about that for items it offers that you select for a different reason.

I was burned by using a dieting pill through the maximizer - which it will only ever suggest in TCRS. So perhaps this is primarily (only?) a TCRS issue.