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Thread: garbage tote not usable in bees hate you path (maximizer)

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    Default garbage tote not usable in bees hate you path (maximizer)

    garbage tote cannot be used in bees hate you path, which causes problems for the maximizer, as it tries to acquire garbage items from it, but fails

    so for example using maximize item
    > maximize item
    2016     combinations checked, best score 432.07
    Putting on fuzzy earmuffs...
    Equipment     changed.
    You are too scared of Bs.
    Unable     to meet all requirements via equipment changes.
    See the Modifier     Maximizer for further suggestions.
    the error message (which also causes maximizer to abort the moment it tries to fold a tote item) is because it is trying to acquire a broken champagne bottle from the garbage tote.

    with maximize meat its worse, it tries to acquire the wad of used tape for the head slot (first slot), so it aborts before any other item can be equipped.

    Note that you can actually equip items with a b in them, they just deal damage to you in combat. It is the garbage tote itself that is not usable (the means through which you get the various garbage equips).

    This is also a problem for turn burning scripts who try to use maximizer.
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