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Thread: Corrupted GLOBAL_prefs.txt

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    Default Corrupted GLOBAL_prefs.txt

    Don't know what caused it, don't intend to try to find it; not my request here.

    My GLOBAL_prefs.txt recently got turned into a bunch of /u0000
    The not-enlarged version of mafia's main interface was also reduced to only the 3 options (minimize, enlarge, close)

    I was able to get a previous version of my GLOBAL_prefs.txt, but is there a way to "scan" the other files in search of similarly corrupted files?

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    This happens when mafia is running while your computer gets suddenly shutdown (out of battery, windows crash, etc)

    As for checking the other files, it's probably easiest to just open them, since I haven't seen it for anything other than preference files, and there shouldn't be all that many in the settings folder (unless you are running loads of multies I guess).

    As for recovery, I've found it is indeed easiest to simply put an older backup file in place, but if you don't have one, you can try simply removing the corrupted characters, since it's not the entire file, just a lot of them at the start of the file.

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    You should just revert every single file KoLmafia uses to before this happened, rather than having to resolve potential conflicts between older files and newer ones. Itíll be way easier.

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